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Eco-Friendly Adventures in the World’s Largest Desert

31 December 2022

The Rub Al Khali desert used to be a quiet desert where its native dwellers lived an eco-conscious life by embracing the desert environment and travelled by camel. That is no longer the case; every day, tour vehicles cut across the sand, which has led to an increase in carbon emission in the Rub Al Khali desert.

Arabiers, a UAE-based tour operator, is leading the travel industry to show it is possible to have an eco-friendly adventure on the world's largest desert in Abu Dhabi – Rub al Khali. Many travelers are becoming increasingly interested in eco-friendly tours and spending time in nature. For example, travelers to the United Arab Emirates like both the glitz and glamour of Abu Dhabi and the adventures of the desert dunes. Abu Dhabi has its own rich culture and customs that set it apart from the rest of the United Arab Emirates, which are known for its wealth, beautiful architecture, and desert attractions.

Rub al Khali is the world's most enormous uninterrupted sand mass and is located in the western region of Abu Dhabi called Liwa. Rub Al Khali desert is the largest desert region in the world and is located in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. The United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen each only assume a small part of this huge sand-covered area, which covers an incredible 650,000 square kilometres. The larger part of this desert is located in the South-Eastern part of Saudi Arabia. 

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In ensuring the Arabiers tour to Rub al Khali is an almost zero-footprint tour, the operator only uses low-emission vehicles and monitors emission levels of each car. They opt for natural desert rides rather than dune bashing. The Arabiers eco-friendly tour to Rub al Khali aims to give guests an experience of how the desert dwellers used to live and share the history of Abu Dhabi.  

When planning a tour desert tour to Liwa, travelers must hire a local safari guide with expertise and experience in navigating over the tall dunes to keep the vehicle balanced so that nothing goes wrong during the trip. As part of its eco-friendly-friendly tour package, Arabiers uses insured and rollover-protected land cruisers for all Liwa safari tours.

To learn more and see a complete list of available tours and activities, please visit the Arabiers website.

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