DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. Launches New Website and Branding

20 December 2012

Boston, MA – DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co., a local luxury bike tour company with offices all over the world, has launched a new website and brand identity this week. With the evolution of DuVine Adventures to DuVine Cycling and Adventure Company, they hope to show the world what they already knew: DuVine is the premier bicycle touring company as they focus on biking and biking only.

DuVine Cycling and Adventure Company has been designing and leading luxury bike trips around the world since 1996. Although their name and look have changed, their focus on world-class trips and attention to detail hasn’t. “Every decision we make, from our fleet of bikes to the wines we serve, is guided by our commitment to going above and beyond,” says DuVine President and Founder, Andy Levine. “We are committed to quality and making sure all of our guests understand what it means to Bike. Eat. Drink. Sleep.”

The travel industry is experiencing a shift from packaged travel to customized travel. Over 50% of DuVine guests request private tours. DuVine has remained at the forefront of these industry changes by not only creating five carefully tailored tour types, flexible and customizable itineraries, with the option of creating a private trip to fulfill every one of their guests’ desires, but in 2013, DuVine is also excited to offer a new product: Couture bike tours. “We knew we needed a new product that allowed guests to have the adventure that’s right for them,” says DuVine Vice President, Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien. “Like a haute couture designer preparing a special collection for the Paris runways with a needle and thread, we design these tours to fit our guests’ needs perfectly.”

DuVine Couture is a no-holds-barred travel experience unlike anything guests ever known before. For each couture trip, DuVine applies their extensive experience to craft exceptional, world-class adventures that will captivate even the most experienced of travelers. “Luxury bike travel has never reached these heights before,” says Andy. “It’s the best of the best!” Top-of-the-line meals and accommodations, grand cru wines, and rarified experiences put these voyages in a league all their own.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch our new brand and share it with all of our fans,” says DuVine President and Founder, Andy Levine. “We invite you to check out DuVine, explore our new website, and discover all of our adventures!”