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Drifter Expeditions Expands Market for Young Adventure Travelers

10 March 2023

The Young Adventure Traveler (YAT), ages 18-30, market is vastly misunderstood and marginally supported with the traditional travel planning infrastructure.  Drifter Expeditions, launched in December of 2022, recognized the need to better align with this growing segment’s needs, travel preferences and approach to exploring the world around them.  The Drifter Expeditions’ dedicated team of passionate adventure travelers made it their mission to create a fresh take on travel planning, booking and collaboration, specifically designed with these travelers in mind.  This community-based travel platform, designed to attract and support those young adventure travelers, will accelerate growth within the segment by providing more ways to bring their travel dreams to life. 

“Millennials and zoomers do not want a tour. They want a journey that cannot be replicated or repeated. They want to be immersed, even lost, in a place and culture. They yearn for raw unscripted adventure.” remarked Jared Lovelace, CEO and founder of Drifter Expeditions, adding that, “Our platform gives the most authentic explorers access to a community of travelers who are looking for authentic and innovative travel opportunities to discover the world.”

The Drifter Expeditions community platform, launching in Summer 2023, provides new exploration opportunities for both travelers and trip hosts/guides alike. Travelers will be able to customize their own adventures by collaborating with fellow travelers on destinations, activities, budget and timing of trips. Likewise, the trip hosts, offering their expertise in variety of geographies, activities or travel methods, will be able to quickly promote their own trips, or fulfill the need of requested trips, with business building tools, including the booking of transactions and other administrative tasks that are associated with running a successful service. 

In preparation for the community platform launch in Summer 2023, Drifter Expeditions is reaching out to the travel community for partnerships and promotions. The company has created a “wait list” to help manage those excited about the new offering and wanting to get updates and exclusive offers once it is launched.  Travelers and trip host can sign-up for more details via this Wait List Link. Other travel product or service companies wishing to partner in reaching out to and growing the YAT segment can contact the Drifter Expeditions market development team at: [email protected]

About Us: Drifter Expeditions was founded in December 2022, with plans to launch an innovative community-based travel planning platform specifically designed for the Young Adventure Traveler.  As passionate travelers with our own unquenchable desire for adventure and discovery, our mission is to cultivate a community for collaborative and enriching travel for those seeking authentic and fulfilling journeys, and in doing so, create a better understanding of the world and the beauty of its diversity.  As proud members of the Adventure Travelers Trade Association (ATTA), we are also committed to transforming people and place through adventure travel. 

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