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Diverse Communities Come Together for Adventure

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On 4 February 2021 the Adventure Travel Trade Association along with five partners will hold Come Together, a virtual AdventureConnect networking event; registration is now open. Tourism professionals from a diverse range of global organizations with an active interest in adventure, sustainable, and cultural tourism will gather to be inspired and dedicate time to meet and build relationships with new communities outside their normal purview.

Hosted by Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), AdventureConnect: Come Together is offered in partnership with Arival, National Blacks in Travel and Tourism Collaborative, Impact Travel Alliance, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, and TravelMart LatinAmerica. As a part of the ATTA’s overarching mission to serve as the hub and facilitator for responsible, profitable adventure travel businesses, destinations, and media, AdventureConnect events offer vibrant communities a chance to connect, network, and grow. 

In order to grow and foster new business relationships; innovate products; diversify marketing messaging, storytelling narratives, and visuals; and consider the make-up of teams, boards, and ownership structures, businesses have an opportunity to expand their current networks and reach beyond their known communities and “bubbles.” The AdventureConnect: Come Together event is structured to expand individual circles and explore opportunities between professionals in different communities that will influence businesses in one or all of these ways as we lead together into 2021. 

Event attendees can expect to learn more about each organization’s community prior to an inspirational speaker and then two hours of time for random one-on-one networking meetings. Ample opportunities will be offered to meet individuals coming together through the variety of  communities in attendance.

Register for $29 USD today to learn, network and support the growth and diversity of the adventure travel industry. A portion of your fee can be designated to one of these event partners. 

Come alone and leave together with new connections to propel you into a year that is bound to be better than 2020! Learn more about the communities joining Come Together below.

In Partnership with: 

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA): ATTA’s mission is to empower a global travel community to deliver experiences that protect natural and cultural capital while creating a shared economic value. 

Arival: Arival is dedicated to advancing the business of creating amazing in-destination experiences. Events, insights, community and connections for creators and sellers of tours, activities, attractions and experiences.  

National Blacks in Travel and Tourism Collaborative (BTT): BTT’s mission is to ensure Black travel and tourism businesses are full participants in the travel industry and to help build more diverse and inclusive destinations. 

Impact Travel Alliance (ITA): ITA is a global community and nonprofit aimed at improving the world through travel. ITA is focused on education, advocacy and community-building around sustainable tourism. 

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) ITAC supports the growth of Indigenous tourism in Canada and addresses the demand for development and marketing of authentic Indegenous experiences. 

TravelMart LatinAmerica (TMLA): TMLA is widely recognized as the most important “strictly business” annual event for building business to Latin America from world-wide markets. 



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