Discover China

3 January 2011

You decide where, when and with whom you go!

At Discover China we think it is important that everybody gets the chance to explore the rich and ancient Chinese culture. Our carefully constructed tours sketch together a very complete picture of life in China. Whether it be from a cultural, historical or contemporary context, our expertise, experience and broad network offer you exclusive and groundbreaking experiences. In this way you learn the true character of the China. Small groups and individual travel provide a combination of a relaxed atmosphere and personal flexibility. This contributes to an authentic cultural experience and provides the client the ability to relax and enjoy the unexpected, just like a real Chinese adventure should be.

A quick overview of our product; tailor-made travel, wildlife photography, bird watching tours, caving expeditions, desert expeditions, eco-friendly hiking, mountain climbing, cultural awareness workshops, pioneering culinary adventures, MICE travel, team building.

Initiatives like ATTA have a very important role to play in bringing the travel community together. In this way we stimulate creativity, exchange ideas, and promote adventure combined with eco-friendly travel. Discover China’s goal is raising cultural awareness, bringing something new and exciting to the client while contributing back to the local population who help make a ‘holiday of a lifetime’.

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