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Disconnect to Reconnect with Wilderness Safaris

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unnamedWilderness Safaris is proud to announce the creation of a network of camps that include those with a Wi-Fi connection and those that are ‘off the grid’ and unequivocally disconnected. This will allow its guests the opportunity to genuinely “get away from it all” and truly enjoy their holiday and the natural space around them.

However, for those who would like to connect, in certain camps (primarily those recently reached by cell phone signal) Wi-Fi will be available. Guests will likely use both connected and disconnected camps on a Wilderness Safaris itinerary. The idea of disconnecting in order to reconnect has always been a part of Wilderness Safaris’ promise to its guests – offering them space, intact ecosystems and the opportunity to connect with nature and oneself.

“We regard this as an important part of what we stand for and encourage … in other words, a world where natural ecosystems are valued and appreciated, with some resistance applied to the inexorable advance of man and technology. It is our strong belief that we simply have to contribute to keeping some areas of the planet wild and remote”, says Chris Roche, Chief Marketing Officer.

In the modern world, two simultaneous trends have emerged: on the one hand, people have come to rely on being able to connect wherever they go. On the other, more and more guests are enjoying being able to disconnect from being constantly “online” and relishing the opportunity to re-establish real relationships with their spouse or children, and indeed themselves. In the media, several publications have identified ‘disconnectedness’ as a travel trend for the coming years, with “black hole” resorts becoming sought after. The Oxford Internet Institute sees disconnecting as increasingly important in escaping the noise of modern technological life and even helping improve creativity and decision making.

Icons placed on each camp page on the Wilderness website will distinguish between “Wi-Fi Free” and “Free Wi-Fi” across our regions. “We will also do our best to communicate this to all guests who choose to travel to our remote wilderness areas so that they are then empowered to choose the camps best suited to their needs and to make the decision to disconnect (or not) on their own”, Roche added.

Wilderness Safaris’ completely disconnected/‘black hole’ camps include:

  • Namibia: Desert Rhino Camp; Hoanib Skeleton Coast; Serra Cafema
  • Botswana: Savuti; Mombo and Little Mombo; Pelo; Jacana; Xigera; Banoka
  • Zimbabwe: Linkwasha; Little Makalolo; Ruckomechi; Little Ruckomechi
  • Zambia: Busanga Bush Camp and Shumba

For a full list of both “Wi-Fi Free” and “Free Wi-Fi” camps, click here.

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