ATTA Announces New Online Course: Developing Self-Guided Tours

14 September 2021

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has partnered with two industry experts, Tullia Caballero, S-Cape Travel and Monica Price, Cycle Europe to provide “Developing Self-Guided Tours”. The course provides experienced guidance, expert interviews, and practical tools to help you achieve success in developing multi-day self-guided tours faster and more effectively. 

Self-Guided Tours are tours where the logistics are covered by the tour provider and the traveler is deciding when, how, and with whom they will travel.  This course focuses on multi-day self-guided active tours (primarily walking, trekking, or bicycling) that provide the traveler the chance to explore a destination at their own pace while all the necessary tools and information are delivered by the tour provider beforehand: the route notes, places of interest, accommodation, transport, etc.  

Developing Self-Guided Tours is a self-paced ATTA OnlineEDU course designed to show you how to successfully add multi-day self-guided active tours to your portfolio. Using a step-by-step approach, the course outlines the critical pieces required to develop and run self-guided tours while providing practical advice in a timely manner for business owners and product developers. Tour operators, regional tourism boards, tourism consortia, accommodation providers and other stakeholders wanting to capitalize on the trend of self-guided travel, will also learn to understand the elements that are critical to the successful development and promotion of this unique subset of travel. The key take-aways from this course include:

  • Identifying whether self-guided tours are appropriate for your business and/or destination (considering strategy, infrastructure, and costs)
  • Designing self-guided tours to increase margins; costs and pricing scenarios unique to self-guided tours
  • Gaining insight into traveler motivations and source market intel 
  • Understanding and mitigating safety and risks unique to self-guided tours 
  • Critical supply chain components needed to ensure smooth operations
  • Creating documentation and navigational information for the traveler
  • Anticipating and solving problems on tour from a distance
  • Marketing best practices

Watch our Developing Self-Guided Tours overview below for more about what you will learn from this nine-course track bundle. 

The Developing Self-Guided Tours track bundle delivers seven hours of fully transcribed video. The course also features eight expert interviews, six hands-on exercises, and twenty downloadable resources. To see if this series of courses are right for you, you can start with our free introduction course

To learn more, check out our short video defining The Business Economics of Self-Guided Tours for more of what you can expect when you enroll.