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Destination Jämtland Härjedalen Turism Partners with Leading Travel Software Company PathWrangler to Expand Reach and Promote Local Operators for their Region

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San Francisco, CA – Jämtland Härjedalen Turism, a private tourism board responsible for promoting and developing tourism in Swedens top adventure location, is announcing a new partnership with San Francisco-based software company PathWrangler today. The partnership will give PathWrangler’s travel software, which helps outdoor programs, clubs and trip planners to run better trips, mentor student leaders and grow their programs.

PathWrangler’s online app allows users to create interactive trips with all the assets they need to organize outdoor expeditions and guided tours. Through their accounts, trip leaders can create, share and host the data for traveler registrations, itineraries, packing lists and more of the many aspects of operating an expedition. An additional module, Formstack, allows operators to build the forms they need online, and host them on their unique trip page without leaving the PathWrangler app, thus eliminating the need for PDFs, emails and spreadsheets to collect traveler information.

“Organizing and marketing in the digital age is a challenge for many organizations these days and we are very pleased to partner with PathWrangler to help achieve these goals.  This digital solution will be the perfect tool for tour operators in our region to both manage and market the unique travel experiences found in our destination and we hope it helps to support and increase the margins on this side of the business”, says Karin Gydemo Grahnlöf from Jämtland Härjedalen Turism.

“Tourism Destinations are faced with an extremely difficult challenge, especially when it comes to promoting experiential tourism,” says Doug Heinz, CEO of PathWrangler,” they have to figure out a way not just promote static itineraries that give potential visitors a ‘flavor’ for the destination.  They need to capture and promote the dynamism and the uniqueness that each experience brings with it.  However, the operators that they represent are vast and have many different experiences.  JHT came to us because this has been extremely challenging for them.  Through using PathWrangler, not only can they capture the dynamism and unique qualities of all their individual tour operators, it gives JHT and overall way to brand the unique identities that make up their entire destination.”

Heinz continues, “Many issues that Destinations have in the past is to bring the big picture into meaningful action.  Often times the operators are the ones who are forgotten in this process. PathWrangler helps to link all of these elements together.  Never before was this possible on a large scale.”

This unique partnership will provide JHT and their members with an entirely cloud-based solution when organizing expeditions and outdoor activities that will be used for Familiarization Trips and ongoing promotion by the JHT.  Ultimately, this will help JHT to manage large-scale tourism initiatives while being able to empower each individual tour operator from the ground up.

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