Declaration: Transformation Towards The Tourism of the Future

16 February 2022

During ATTA’s AdventureNEXT Latin America held earlier this month, Panama’s Minister of Tourism, Iván Eskildsen gathered tourism counterparts from Colombia (Ricardo Galindo Bueno), Costa Rica (Gustavo Alvarado), Ecuador (Niels Olsen), Guatemala (Alejandro De León) and Honduras (Luis Guillermo Chévez Contreras). They joined high authorities from Brazil (Secretary of Tourism, Mato Grosso do Sul, Bruno Wendling) and Jordan (Director Malia Asfour, JTBNA) for a round table discussion on commitments toward a more sustainable and transformative future for tourism. ATTA helped facilitate this discussion as part of its ongoing commitment to act on UNWTO’s call for the public and private sectors to work together and seize the opportunity to place sustainability and inclusivity at the heart of the tourism sector’s restart and recovery.

Declaration: Transformation Towards The Tourism of the Future proclaimed:

  • WE AGREE that the future of tourism is collaborative, bringing together the ancestral wisdom of local and Indigenous communities with pioneering scientific, business and economic knowledge in service to long-term stewardship of integrated ecosystems.  
  • WE BELIEVE the future of tourism is regenerative.  It is our opportunity to rethink the way we interact with nature and people to regenerate invaluable ancestral knowledge in order to face the current anthropogenic climate crisis.  
  • WE RECOGNIZE that the future of tourism is green and blue. It is imperative that our industry protect and regenerate the last wild places and carbon sinks in both land and ocean.  
  • WE ARE COMMITTED to the transformation towards a carbon-neutral and more socially resilient tourism economy -including new business models through digitalization - thus providing the opportunity to ensure a fair distribution of its benefits and contributing to a global economic reactivation.