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David Noyes invited for “100 eyes” project in northwest China

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Derby, New York — Following the successful exhibition of “Tibet in the eyes of 100 photographers” this September in Beijing, award winning travel writer and photographer David Noyes will again join some of the world’s top photographers for a two week “photo creation event” along the Silk Road in northwest China.

“We intend to invite about 100 famous photographers at home and abroad for the event,” writes Ren Shugao, Director of the International Liaison Department for the Chinese Photographers Association. From January 7th through January 23rd, photographers from around the world will be divided into small groups to photograph the magnificent natural landscape and traditional culture of the Xinjiang Region of northwest China. The shoot will be concentrated in the south of Xinjiang and will coincide with the Uygur Islam Corban annual festival.

Covering over 1.6 million square kilometers, the largely Islamic Xinjiang region is the largest and has the longest boundary line among China’s provinces and autonomous regions. It shares 5,600 kilometers of frontier with Mongolia in the northeast; Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghiszstan, and Tadzhikistan in the west; and Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India in the southwest. The Silk Road across the territory is famous worldwide. There are 236 sites in Xinjiang that are worth studying as historical, art or scientific legacies. They include ancient cultural ruins, ancient tombs, ancient caves and temples such as the Thousand-Buddha Cave, stone carvings, art modern memorials, 10 of which have been rated as key national cultural relics under protection. There are also 16 thousand-Buddha cave sites, with more than 550 caves being fundamentally intact.

A graduate of RIT and Harvard University, David Noyes is a marketing consultant, photographer, and travel writer based out of Western New York. Most recently, David designed and edited Experience Outdoors magazine and won two first place awards in the 2004 North American Travel Journalist Association international awards competition. Noyes’ photographs and travel narrative from Tibet will be published in Lifestyle + Travel out of Bangkok, Thailand in the Spring of 2006.

Noyes’ work can be seen at his website:

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