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Cruise North Expeditions

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Cruise North Expeditions is owned and operated by the people of the region we visit – the Inuit of Northern Quebec. We are the only Aboriginally owned expedition cruise company, and we travel exclusively to Canada’s Arctic.

Our expeditions are packed with adventure, exploration and most of all, discovery. We travel to islands in Canada’s Arctic where polar bears, measuring up to 11 feet in length, patrol their favourite beaches, while thick-billed murres in the thousands fly overhead. We visit sites populated by the almost prehistoric-looking muskox, with their crown tusks and skirts of fur. White beluga whales, a walrus colony and all sorts of marine mammals are common sights aboard our expeditions.

We travel to virtually untouched archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, explore remote outposts and follow in the footsteps of early explorers in their search of new lands. On ship and ashore we are greeted by Inuit hosts and visit communities where residents still live traditional lives by harvesting from the land and speaking the Inuit language of Inuktitut.

While relaxing on deck, we glide alongside immense icebergs thousands of years old, and take in the scenery of rolling tundra and towering fiords.

This is the Cruise North experience!

Our main market is North America, but we engage extensively in the German, U.K., France and Australian market as well. We sell direct, through agents and operators, and are looking to advance these relationships further, and establish others. We are especially interested in finding well-fitted Tour Operators in North America.

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  1. zoe Levitt

    Can you please send me some of your itineraries? We are interested in nature as well as culture.
    With thanks

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