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Cristalino Jungle Lodge

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The Cristalino Jungle Lodge is a premier destination for nature lovers in the Amazon. Located in the middle of a private reserve with 29,652 acres, the lodge offers unique outdoor experiences. Built in harmony with the surrounding forest, the eco-friendly bungalows provide a pleasant and comfortable stay. The lodge is a winner of the World Savers Award by Condé Nast Traveler and was elected as one of the best hotels in South America by National Geographic Traveler – 2011 Stay List.

The lodge offers a unique balance between first-class outdoor activities, comfortable accommodations and sustainable initiatives. The diverse activities allow visitors to discover the enchantment and beauty of the Southern Brazilian Amazon along with educational elements. The activities, conducted with the assistance of guides, include: walking along the 30-km-(19-mile-) trail system, canoeing in the pristine Cristalino River, climbing two 50-m-(164-ft-) canopy towers and fauna & flora observation. Cristalino is also a premier destination for bird lovers with a multitude of opportunities for observing, photographing, and learning about the Southern Amazon Birds.

The eco-friendly bungalows were carefully designed to offer a very comfortable stay and promote a close contact to nature. All accommodations were designed with natural materials, solar water heating and biological treatment of waste residue, which emphasizes the preoccupation with environmental sustainability.

Additionally, by visiting Cristalino Lodge, people are also contributing with the work of the Cristalino Foundation, a Nonprofit Organization focused on environmental education, research and conservation in the region where the lodge is located.

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