Cox & Kings, The Americas Launches All-New Europe Product

11 July 2011

Overseen by recently appointed Destination Manager Thor Forsberg, new journeys will showcase “off-the-beaten-path” European destinations

Los Angeles, CA– Adding to its in-depth destination offerings in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, Cox & Kings expands into an entirely new, albeit “Old World” continent – Europe. Cox & Kings, The Americas is now offering custom-designed and escorted journeys to Europe, primarily the region’s less visited, “under the radar” destinations, including meticulously detailed tours of Turkey, Romania, Russia, Sicily, the Balkans, Scandinavia and Iceland. Luxury five-star private journeys as well as more value-driven Discovery Group Journeys will be available to the region.

The announcement of Cox & Kings’ new European journeys marks an exciting step for the U.S. market, which specializes in journeys to exotic, often far-flung locales worldwide. “With our new European product, Cox & Kings combines the brand’s foundation in destination expertise and specialization in authentic experiences with the fantastic offerings available in the region, from spectacular cuisine to in-depth cultural encounters, walking tours of enchanting cities and breathtaking nature visits,” said Thomas Stanley, Centre Head & COO, Cox & Kings, The Americas.

The official Cox & Kings Europe catalogue listing bespoke experiences offered in the region will be available October 2011. Several of the private journeys featured in the catalogue are “Marvels of Turkey,” a 14-day tour exploring both cultural and natural wonders in Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pergamon, while the Discovery Group Journeys include “Timeless Romania” – visiting the country’s medieval towns and impressive Carpathian mountains – and “Classic Sicily,” which covers the land’s impressive Roman art and Norman architecture, along with natural highlights such as the iconic Mount Etna.

To oversee the development of the new Europe product, Cox & Kings has announced the appointment of Europe specialist and Destination Manager, Thor Forsberg. Based in the company’s newly opened Los Angeles headquarters, Forsberg will utilize his extensive expertise to design and develop new journeys to the continent, acting as a liaison between the traveler and the on-the-ground Cox & Kings tour guides and support staff.

A veteran travel professional, Forsberg shares two decades of experience in the industry, with former positions held at Nelson World Travel and Scandia World Travel. As a Scandinavia and Eastern Europe specialist, Forsberg initiated travel programs and managed the companies’ tour divisions, as well as assisted with customer service and maintained relationships with travel agents. He has lived abroad in Germany and Sweden and counts the former’s Island of Gotland, Lofoten Island in Norway, Lisbon, Barcelona, Edinburgh and St. Petersburg as a few of his favorite European destinations.

“I am excited to join the amazing Cox & Kings team and assist in launching these all-new journeys to Europe, a continent I have enjoyed exploring and sharing my knowledge on over the years,” said Forsberg. “The destinations to which Cox & Kings is venturing are unique for U.S. travelers, with a few of them – particularly the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden – sharing the status of being Europe’s best-kept secrets. Places like the Balkans offer an intriguing mix of culture and natural adventure, combining the grandeur of Central Europe with the glamour of the French Riviera, while countries like Turkey and Russia provide magnificent historical insight and a vibrant crossover of cultural influences.”

Cox & Kings’ European private and Discovery Group Journeys are currently available for booking and are listed on the official website. For inquiries and to book, contact 1-800-999-1758 or visit