COVID-19 Vaccination Rate Determines Desire to Travel This Summer

22 June 2021

Americans have expressed a strong desire to explore the US this summer, with over 60% surveyed planning a holiday in another state. Americans are also starting to go abroad, with 8.2% indicating they were planning an international holiday this summer, with Europe as the most popular destination.

In mid-April 2021, 10Adventures surveyed over 1,500 of its users to better understand the public’s stance on travel this summer. 96% of responses came from the USA, Canada, and the UK.

10Adventures Founder Richard Campbell summed it up: “The results show a strong return to travel, with the overall willingness to travel matching the respective vaccination levels of each country. The higher the vaccination rate, the more likely those citizens are willing to travel further from home.”

As of June 1, 2021, 41.2% of the US population and 38.3% of Brits are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but only 5.5% of Canadians are fully vaccinated. (Data from 

Some key points from all surveyed respondents:

  • 45.7% of respondents said they planned to stay local, and explore areas close to home. 
  • 46.3% said they planned to travel nationally, with a trip to another part of their country. 
  • Only 8.0% said they had international travel planned. For those planning international travel, travel to Europe is the most popular, with 61% planning to visit the continent. Spain takes the lead among individual destinations, emerging as the top choice for 25% of those planning to travel to Europe.
Breaking down the data by country we see there is plenty of variance:
  • Americans are the most willing to travel, with 61.9% of those surveyed planning to travel to other states this summer, and 8.2% planning a trip internationally. The remaining 29.9% are planning on sticking close to home.
  • The UK tracks closely with the US, with 54.8% of those surveyed planning to travel in other parts of the UK and 8.6% planning an international holiday. The rest of the respondents (36.6%) are planning to stay close to home this summer.
  • Canadians showed the strongest desire to stay local, with 76% of respondents planning to take their summer holidays close to home. Only 21.6% planned a holiday to another province, and a mere 2.5% plan on international travel this summer.
This is good news for the international travel industry, especially for European countries that rely heavily on American and British tourism dollars. However, domestic tourism is proving to remain the most popular option for travelers. This means adventure travel companies should continue to focus on their regional market, with unique trips that appeal to local travelers while still following COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.