Community Connections: Five New ATTA Members to Meet in Oceania

20 February 2022

The ATTA is a community of adventure travel believers. We believe travel, when done responsibly, safely, and respectfully, can be a catalyst for positive change for communities, the environment, wildlife, and culture. Join us in welcoming five new members who recently joined the ATTA from the Oceania region.

Impact Adventures

Industry Partner member, based in Australia, operating community-based tourism platform for Indonesia

Impact Adventures is a social venture and community-based tourism platform that empowers and provides direct economic benefits for local guides and community-based tourism operators in the rural and remote areas of Indonesia. Travel with us to explore lesser-known Indonesian destinations whilst creating a long-lasting impact on local economies.

Ride and Seek Bike Tours

Cycling Tour Operator, inbound and outbound, based in Australia

Ride and Seek is a cycling tour operator with a unique portfolio of Epic Cycling Adventure Group Tours. Cycling Tours in Europe have the most diverse range of experiences to choose between. It is about more than riding your bike from A to B. It can mean finding your tribe, boosting your health, rediscovering the simple joys in the everyday, indulging your spirit of adventure, connecting with different cultures, and providing a sense of historical place.

Tour Amigo Pty Ltd

Industry Partner member, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, based in Australia

Tour Amigo is an award-winning booking & reservation software with a complete streamlined booking system that is specifically designed for multi-day tour agents and operators. B2B Tech solutions connecting multi-day tour agents and operators to customers across the globe.

Social Nature Movement

Tour Operator, inbound, based in New Zealand

Social Nature Movement provides nature experiences that move you, with a huge range of land, snow, and water-based New Zealand activities and nature tours. Offering day discoveries and extended expeditions, they take a holistic approach to the great outdoors and bring awareness of connections between humans and nature through physical activity.

Walk into Luxury Pty Ltd

Ecotourism Tour Operator, inbound and outbound, based in Australia

Walk into Luxury holds Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation for its award-winning Cape to Cape Walk. We are a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and we support the communities we operate in through donations, charity events, and track maintenance. Our team personally maintains 6 kilometers of the Cape to Cape Track, and we work with the Department of Parks and Wildlife to plant out sections of the track each year.

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