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Colombia Nature Travel Mart, Where Adventures Can Be Enjoyed from Snowy Peaks to The Depths of the Amazon Year-Round!

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Colombia will host their second Colombia Nature Travel Mart, an event that showcases the best of the country’s nature products. Discover the variety of destinations and outdoor activities Colombia has to offer. With more than 1,876 classified bird species, Colombia is a dream destination for bird lovers. Embark on a whale watching experience as the Humpback whales travel to the Pacific waters of the Colombian Coast to mate. In Colombia, adventures can be enjoyed from snowy peaks and volcanoes to forests and mangroves.

Proexport Colombia is inviting Tour Operators interested in discovering the nature product for a complimentary FAM trip and participation in the business meetings with colombian suppliers. We will meet in Santa Marta on September 27th, 2013 after an exciting adventure in one of the following FAM trips that cover Colombia’s main nature products:

  • Birding in the Caribbean Coast and Coffee Cultural Landscape

These two exciting regions of Colombia feature Sun and Beach and Culture. Travel from the white, sandy beaches of the Caribbean Coast to the home to the richest coffee in the world. The Coffee Cultural Landscape invites you to tour through coffee plantations where tourists can witness the bean collection and production process, carried by the hands of farmers who pick the best specimens to give to the world.

  • Birding in Bogota and Eastern Plains

The capital city treasures the legend of El Dorado and its great treasures showcased in the collection of the Gold Museum which includes nearly 34,000 golden pieces, in addition to 20,000 bone, stone, ceramic, and textile items from the 13 Pre-Hispanic cultures of Colombia. In the depths of the Zipaquira mountains, find the only cathedral in the world built deep inside a salt mine.

  • Diving in Santa Marta, Cartagena and Providence Island

The Caribbean Coast has the second largest coral reef in the Caribbean and one of the wealthiest in the planet in terms of marine biodiversity can be found in the waters of the San Andres and Providencia archipelago, extending a year-round invitation to divers from around the world to explore the cracks, caverns, and massive walls that are part of the reef.

  • Diving in Gorgona and San Andrés

Plunge into the wonders of the Caribbean and Pacific! Gorgona, a scientific paradise for the study of the unique species living there where nature lovers will also find trails for ecological interpretation, exuberant flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, archaeological remains, and historical ruins.

  • Nature in  Caño Cristales (The River of Five Colors) and Boyacá (Cocuy)

The imposing mountains and moorlands of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy are natural attractions perfect for hiking enthusiasts, who delight by traversing on foot the largest glacial mass in Colombia. Journey 62 miles along the Caño Cristales, most beautiful river in the world where the waters seem to give birth to the colors of the rainbow.

  • Whale Watching in Nuquí and  Bahía Solano

Between July and November, beaches, cliffs and bays in the Colombian Pacific become the perfect grandstand for tourists to witness a one-of-a-kind natural spectacle: the birth and reproduction of whales migrating to the country, drawn by the temperature and depths of Colombian waters.

  • Adventure and Trekking in Santander and the Coffee Cultural Landscape
  • Adventure and Bike Tours in the Coffee Cultural Landscape
  • Nature Photograph in the Caribbean Coast

For those Tour Operators interested in the event, please contact Camilo Duque at [email protected]

Stay tuned for more activities, such as the Colombia specialist program to be launched this Summer!”


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