Colombia: Far Beyond Cartagena - Large Minority Expands to Colombia Under 'More Local' Brand

16 September 2011

Bogotá, Colombia  - The LARGE minority (LM) ( team is bringing its unique brand of adventure travel to Colombia. After months of tirelessly researching the conventional “must dos”, the team could ignore them all and offer their own escapades far from the guidebook-carrying crowd.

Under the name More Local (, the half-Colombian outfit has put together a choice of trips to discover the country’s Amazonian jungle, coffee region and high plain (altiplano).

Their holidays come together in the Criollo Experience, a 16-day jaunt spanning the country. Groups will set off from the capital, Bogotá, and head onto the altiplano. They’ll visit the original El Dorado, now a national park, and play tejo - a beer-friendly game of throwing metal pucks at a gunpowder target.

The second leg flies the intrepid travellers south for a spectacular dash around the Amazon, cycling into Brazil for a cachaça sun downer, taking canoes into Peru, spotting pink river dolphins and catching piranhas for the evening’s barbie.

Guests get their hands dirty producing Colombia’s aromatic coffee on the third, rural stage. Travellers stay on a sustainable, family farm and explore the countryside on horseback and classic Willy’s jeep.

For LARGE minority’s Chief Travel Aficionado, Juan Goicochea: “After more than a decade of learning the ins and outs of the travel trade, it’s really exciting to share this knowledge on home turf.”

The organized chaos of LM’s auto-rickshaw rallies through Sri Lanka and Cambodia has proved a winning combination. “LM managed to strike the perfect balance between organisational rigour and genuine personal adventure,” said Chris Orrell after the Lanka Challenge (

For the LM initiated, suspense is growing prior to the 1st October start. “I truly believe there is no better way to see a complete country and get down with the local culture… Bring on the next location!” explained Tim Hartford, seasoned LM enthusiast, after the Cambo Challenge (

Driven by the desire to have a positive impact on their locations, LM raise money and support schemes to help the local people and environment wherever they operate. In Colombia, in addition to carbon offsetting, they are setting up a project to provide reliable drinking water for an Amazonian community.

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