CNN Reports: Travel Expert on Why You Should Go to Mexico

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CNN reports on travel expert Robert Reid’s  (Lonely Planet’s New York-based U.S. travel editor and host of the 76-Second Travel Show) advice to travel to Mexico right now despite the current bad PR surrounding regional gang and drug violence.

We tend to lump all of Mexico — a country the size of Western Europe — together. For example, a border incident resulted in the death of a Colorado tourist last year, and the Texas Department of Homeland Security recommended against travel to all of Mexico.

Yet it’s in the 17 of 31 states not named in the newly expanded warnings where you’ll find the most rewarding destinations: the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja California beach resorts, colonial hill towns like the ex-pat haven of San Miguel de Allende, even the capital Mexico City.

Reid explains that just an hour away from Cancun’s beaches is one of Mexico’s safest states – Yucatan, which boasts Mayan ruins and colonial cities  The state has about the same number of inhabitants as Kansas and only experienced two drug-related fatalities in 2010 while its US counterpart had six.

For more info on the safest areas in Mexico to travel and what they have to offer, read the article on CNN.

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  1. Greetins from Oaxaca in Mexico. This is my first time in this extraordinary country and I simply cannot think why it has taken me so long to come here. We spent two astounding days in Mexico City and we felt perfectly safe – in fact safety didn’t even cross my mind. I live in Johannesburg in South Africa and my beloved home town also gets a bad rap in the media. Just apply some good old fashioned common sense (which sadly is not so common) and travelers in Mexico will have a journey of a lifetime. Mexicans are so hospitable and kind and justifiably proud of their beautiful country. I can’t wait to return ….

  2. Baja is a safe place to visit… me and my wife moved from California to Baja six years ago and we travel to the national parks for a back packing or MTBiking adventure every month, camp at the beaches and surf all the time with no problem at all.

    Come visit us here in Baja, we´ll take you outside any time.



  3. My husband and I are from the US and live in Cozumel just off the Riviera Maya Coast. This region of Mexico is perfectly safe and requires simple common sense as in any tourist region in the US or abroad. Mexico is affordable, close, and fabulously varied with wonderful food and activities. Stop listening to the TV, they just want you to spend your dollars at home.

  4. Cary Cozumel

    After visiting Cozumel in the State of Quintanna Roo for nearly 30 years, I moved here six months ago.The last place I lived was just 20 miles from Washington DC where there are over 450 ! murders per year. I think that there was one person murdered here in Cozumel some 10 years ago. Here you can walk the streets alone without fear anytime of the day or night.(even very young children can walk and play freely) Granted there are some places in Mexico (just like NW DC) that should be avoided at night. Just know that this is a huge Country and it has many treasures to offer.

  5. Darlene Biasi

    My husband and I are from NJ and bought a condo in Puerta Aventuras, a community about 15 min. south of Playa del Carmen, about 5 years ago. We were often fearful based on news reports at home, but never had a problem while here. Of course, using good sense and keeping heads up are key. We have travelled to many places throughout the Riviera Maya in the Yucatan and we cannot imagine a more beautiful place. Mexicans are very family oriented and very gracious and hospitable people. Some are aggressive in trying to lure you to buy or dine in their restaurants, but usually very nice and have wonderful senses of humor. Not coming because of stories on the news will only prevent you from experience a piece of paradise and a taste of amazing history and culture..that of a very proud people.

  6. I have lived in a small village in the interior of the state of Yucatan, near the archeological site of Uxmal for 20 years now. I actually feel safer here, and in many parts of Mexico, than in my former home state of Oregon. We have traveled extensively during those 20 years throughout this amazing country, without crime problems. Come to the Yucatan and leave your worries at home. There is a growing ex- pat community all over the peninsula as well as tourists from all over the world. They wouldn’t be here, and investing their life savings, if it wasn’t safe. Come see what all of us already know. it’s a great place to live and visit.

  7. Six years ago I left the states to hurriedly travel through Mexico to get to Central and South America to backpack for a year. I fell in love with Mexico. I never made it any further south than Guatemala. I ended up coming back to Mexico and now I call it home. I have traveled all over this wonderfully diverse country and every place I have been I find something new to completely enamor me. Mexico is rich in history, culture, adventure, natural wonders, and wonderfully warm people. I can’t imagine living anywhere else with more heart. I feel a certain peace and freedom here that I never felt living in the U.S. I feel less threatened by crime here in Cancun than I did living in Minnesota.

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