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CnAdventure is a successful, rapidly-growing Adventure Tour company which specializes in organizing exciting eco & adventure tours throughout China.

Our business is dedicated to providing personalized service of the highest quality to our customers, travelers who want to know the real China!

Based in Beijing, and with over 10 years of experience, our flagship product is our wide variety of high-quality Great Wall hiking tours. No other company offers the diversity of hikes to this “must-see” World heritage site as we do!

CnAdventure specializes in 4 main areas (1) hiking/trekking (2) 4WD (3) horseback riding (4) and visiting minority groups

1) Hiking/trekking – besides offering a variety of Great Wall hikes along its entire length, we also offer many other treks of varying difficulty levels, into many remote regions of China, from 5-day easy hiking to Tiger Leaping Gorge to 21-day challenging treks to K2 or to Mt. Kailash in Tibet.

(2) 4WD –Our 4X4 expeditions are unique and challenging. Not only do we take you to the places you may have heard about, such as the hair-raising but picturesque road from Sichuan to “the Roof of the World”-Tibet, and the ancient Silk Road, we take you to remote, lesser known areas. Many areas we visit can only be accessed by 4WD carrying full supplies (food and tents, eg. crossing the desolate Nop Lor Lake )

(3) Horseback riding –Our riding excursions vary from experiencing the real nomadic lifestyle on the grasslands to following the Ancient Tea-horse Road through the rugged mountains.

(4) Culture – China has more than 50 minority groups and we know most of them! To visit and spend time with any of them is a precious cultural experience, especially during the time of the many never-to-be-forgotten festivals! By visiting villages and arranging home-stays, our specialists allow visitors to merge right in and share their lifestyle. These cultural opportunities are not tours – they are experiences far more rewarding than even the myriad of memorable images one will capture on film.

Why us?

In one word – “experience”.

The quality and creativity of our itineraries, their educational content, the flexibility and the variety of adventure and cultural experiences offered, and the quality of our guides cannot be beaten.

We engage professional local naturalists and specialists in order to better share the natural treasures of China with our customers. Our tours offer interactive cultural experiences, not just passive visits to must-see sights.

Our tours are always evolving. We are constantly working with existing customers from Europe, Australia, and the USA, to develop new tours or modify existing ones. This experience leads directly to the evolution of our “standard” tours. Some of these tours are exclusive in the marketplace.

We look forward to partnering with foreign-based adventure tour companies to allow them to enrich their own repertoire of tours, and to offer a truly-new adventure travel experience to their own customers

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