Cloud9 Dominica Rebrands as Wanderlust Caribbean, Launches Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel

5 October 2018

Wanderlust Caribbean is a new adventure travel boutique hotel in Dominica combining adventure travel experiences in nature with upscale accommodations and hotel services.

Adventure Travel
According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel is any tourist activity including two of the following three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange or engagement with nature.

“At Wanderlust Caribbean, we believe Dominica’s wonderous nature and people are best experienced by integrating these three elements into well-rounded and worry-free adventure packages, topped with our unique accommodations, location and personal services,” said Tom.

Explorers Leading Explorers
Wanderlust owners Tom and Sharie Decherd have been adventure travelers for many years and have been exploring Dominica for the last decade during which time they’ve discovered many hidden gems and developed deep friendships with locals.

They create the adventure experiences and guide many of the tours themselves. “We wanted a business we could fully enjoy, as we are happiest while out touring with guests showing them the wonders of the island,” said Tom.

Boutique Hotel
Wanderlust Caribbean, designed and recently built by the owners, overlooks a beautiful bay and has a private trail to the beach and river below the property. The modern hotel has five luxurious units, each having a covered patio overlooking the North coast of Dominica. Common areas include the reception terrace with coffee shop and a rooftop bar. The hotel features stunning views of Treasure Island from Disney’s movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.

“We wanted to offer our guests much more than just a generic hotel room. We wanted them to be comfortable and feel at home in a private setting. We built the kind of place we would personally enjoy after a day of exploring nature,” said Sharie.

Dominica, The Nature Island of the Caribbean
Dominica, West Indies, is often confused with the better-known Dominican Republic. Dominica is located between Guadalupe and Martinique in the Lesser Antilles archipelago. Known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean,” Dominica is a mountain range with several peaks approaching 5,000 feet that are cloaked in tropical rainforest and lush vegetation.  Much of the island is protected by an extensive national park system. Dominica was the last island formed in the Caribbean and features:

  • The World’s second largest Boiling Lake
  • A UNESCO World Heritage site featuring a stunning pastiche of lakes, fumaroles, volcanoes, hot springs and dense tropical forest.
  • Lush oceanic rainforest that hides dozens of waterfalls
  • Geothermal activity that causes thousands of bubbles to emerge from beneath the rocks
  • Whale watching at the world’s only year-round sperm whale location, where 21 other whale species have been sighted.
  • The longest trail in the Caribbean, the 115-mile Waitikubuli National Trail
  • Healthy reef systems for top snorkeling and scuba diving
  • The only indigenous people’s reservation in the Caribbean
“We were very fortunate to find this tropical paradise still undiscovered by mass tourism. With all the over-tourism around the world’s most popular destinations Dominica provides a fresh experience for travelers wanting to be some of the first to explore a pristine, natural environment,” said Tom.

Glowing Guest Reviews
Wanderlust Caribbean has achieved TripAdvisor’s recommended status, and guests have been vocal about the rewarding experiences they have had on vacation.

“When you drive with Tom and Sharie through the towns the locals wave and call their name – this is because since they moved to Dominica they have engaged with the community to add value and assist as much as they can.

The result for the traveler is outstanding, as you don’t feel like you are being led around by a tour guide but instead are taking part in a cultural immersion.” – Ryan

Partnering Opportunities
We are working to cultivate key partnerships with travel advisors and tour operators that focus on providing top adventure travel experiences to their clients. Interested travel partners should email Wanderlust Caribbean at [email protected] or visit for more details.

We’ve posted a Grand Opening promotional video on our YouTube channel.

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