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Climate Change and Tourism in the Pacific Islands: Ciaran McCormack

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Conversations around Climate Change and Tourism in the Pacific Islands: Ciaran McCormack, Manager Australia – Pacific for The Climate Reality Project Shares His Perspective

You may have attended our recent webinar Meet the Experts: Climate Change & Tourism in the Pacific Islands – What Travel Businesses Can Do To Help? with a lively discussion that included climate impacts in the Pacific Islands, around carbon removal, the Glasgow Declaration, how to set up a Climate Action plan in your business, carbon removal, climate impacts on the Pacific Islands and local solutions.

If you missed it, watch the full webinar here and watch this space for key highlights from the speakers. below:Here is a sneak peek of our highlights –  watch the full versionRead below to gain the key takeaways from Ciaran McCormack, manager Australia – Pacific for The Climate Reality Project.

The Climate Reality Project Is an organization founded by Al Gore as a way to offer leadership training and support for individuals to become advocates for climate action.

On the growth and success of Climate Reality leadership training:

Ciaran McCormack

There is a growing awareness that climate change is here now, not some distant threat in the future, and with it, there is a huge desire from people who want to join the fight and take action. Climate Reality offers free training on science, impacts of climate change, and solutions. The training is led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, formerly in person, then during the pandemic, went virtual and was, therefore, able to address a global audience of just under 10,000 people worldwide, including CEOs, SMEs, politicians, and leaders. With people being at home, more available, and eager to learn, the last two years saw 50% growth  

 On elevating local voices:

It is important to acknowledge how communities have been impacted by climate change and sit with the reality that those who have been the most affected have also contributed the least. Then by taking those stories and highlighting the urgency, it is necessary to take action as individuals and figure out what solutions are possible. 

On opportunities for the tourism sector to take climate action:

So often, the core of meaningful travel experiences involve visiting beautiful places, exploring nature, and making connections with local people. It’s important to acknowledge the role these communities play and respectfully listen to the impact climate change is having on them. Travelers can the experience and awareness home, then take the next step in educating and raising awareness within their networks.

“When you travel, the people that you meet are at the core of your experience.” – Ciaran McCormack

To summarize, as a travel business willing to start the journey in Climate Change, check out:

To watch the full session, click on the picture below:


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