Ciclismo's Support for Italian Tour Guides

9 April 2020

Greetings Tribe,

Here is what we are doing for our guides to get through these challenging times. We are facing a potentially “dry” summer season as our guests may want to stay close to home. My Italian guides have been in total lockdown since March 4th and since they are doing a lot of cooking (and eating) I suggested they write a Guide Cookbook.

Additionally, I have launched a Guide Fundraiser and all recipients will receive a copy of the cookbook. Info about the fundraiser is available at this GoFundMe page.

My goal is 50K. In less than 24 hours we raised 15K. In less than two weeks we are at almost 33K.

Every Friday we are hosting a virtual cooking lesson with our guides. On Friday, April 10th we have over 150 registered!

Many more ideas in the works!

I am happy to continue to be on any panels, to partner with or to mentor to other company owners who would like to collaborate.

Lauren Hefferon
Ciclismo Classico

Ciclismo Tour Group

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