China Highlights

6 February 2013

China Highlights is a division of Guilin China International Travel Service Co., Ltd (Guilin CITS), which was established in 1959. China Highlights was one of the earliest "China Travel" web sites. The brand name "China Highlights" has come to mean a reliable company. We have provided thousands of customers their unforgettable "China Experience". Under the brand of China Highlights, we have built 6other web sites with different languages: Germany, French, Spanish , Japanese, Russia and Italian.

As a local expert, China Highlights is committed to giving our customers an authentic China experience not just something staged for tourist. We only employ local people , use local products and service. This benefits local economies and contributes to a better social environment in the areas our customers visit. After we have chosen restaurants, attractions, hotels etc. We put them to the test by carefully monitoring our customer’s evaluations.

China Highlights provide Private Small Group Tour packages to all parts of China and Southeast Asian nations, and we specialize in customizing and tailor-making tours. You have freedom and flexibility in our tour, we will take your tour ideas and fill in the detail and help you to avoid the problems which only detailed local knowledge can avoid.

In our business, attention to detail is the key to quality. Every tour that we book is meticulously planned to try to ensure that it runs seamlessly.  Our people personally inspect the attractions and hotels to ensure that they reach the standard that we and our clients expect while providing a true and authentic experience.

China Highlights is looking forward more opportunities in the ATTA community, Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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