Chilean Authorities Report on Situation in Lake District

28 April 2015
Osorno (left) and Calbuco (right) volcanoes in Chile, prior to last week's eruption. Copyright ATTA.

Chilean authorities referred to the eruption of Volcano Calbuco located in southern Chile. The volcano is 900 kilometres away from the capital Santiago. Authorities stressed that coordinated efforts between national and regional authorities as well as humanitarian efforts are in place. The latter has facilitated fast and preventive measures.

Ensuing volcanic activity on April 22 at 18:00, Chile´s corresponding institution declared a red alert and exclusion to a 20 kilometer perimeter surrounding the valcano’s crater. This alert has not yet been lifted.

"About the volcano in Chile, it had almost no impact in our business. The first days where crazy, with a lot of flights canceled and with the worry that it could be a big disaster, but after a few days things are much much better.

The volcano is located in the Patagonian lake district on the Chilean side of the Andes range. The volcano is located to the east of Puerto Varas, and the wind has been blowing so the ashes went north east of the volcano.

I spoke with some friends in Puerto Varas and they are more worried about the media and the concerns of the travelers than by the damage itself. The volcano was more spectacular than harmful. Things are coming back to normal and this should not affect the Patagonian season (starting in October) nor the Summit. I understand the concerns, but I think that by October everything will be normalized.”

--Rafael Mayer, Founder, Say Hueque Adventures

Calbuco is located on the border of the town of Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt, between Llanquihue and Chapo Lake, in the region of Los Lago. Other local towns near the affected zone are Ensenada, Alerce, Colonia Rio Sur, Correntoso and the international border cross road connection between Puerto Varas and San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina).

Undersecretary of Tourism, Javiera Montes, said that after the eruption,

"We are currently undergoing an ash-cleaning process. We are making sure that roads and paths are clear and tourism establishments accessible". She highlighted "the immediate task is to clear affected territory of ash. This will allow us to move forward as quickly as possible."


Importantly, the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport is operating normally. Flights to and from southern Chile are operating normally. It should be noted airlines suggest passengers check their flight status regularly due to varying changes in weather conditions.

Current Situation of tourist sites in Chile:

  • Natural Monument Nahuel Ñadi; open to public.
  • National Park Chiloé; open to public.
  • Natural Monument Islotes de Puñihuil; open to public.
  • National Park Hornopirén; open to public.
  • National Reserve Futaleufú; open to public.
  • National Park Puyehue; closed to public due to ashfall
  • National Park Alerce Andino; closed.
  • National Reserve Llanquihue; closed.
  • National Park Vicente Pérez Rosales; closed.* Osorno Volcano ascent and entry into the Petrohué are temporarily closed because they are localeted within the area of exclusion.
  • Urban areas of the cities of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas are operating normally.
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At this time it appears that the Adventure Travel World Summit planned for October in Puerto Varas will not be affected. Read update from ATTA President Shannon Stowell.