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Chile: You Will Remember

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You will remember those gifts from the earth,” writes Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The scenes that accompany his words were captured by the ATTA’s storytelling team at the Adventure Travel World Summit 2015. From flamingoes feasting on brine shrimp in the volcanic north to the glaciers in sub-Antarctic Patagonia, delegates witnessed a nation chock full of adventure — in its places and in its people…”we find everything waiting there.”

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The Driest Place on Earth


Hotel las Torres Patagonia Base Camp Adventure


Traditions and Culture of Chile’s West Coast

While the storytelling team was behind their lenses, the 41 representatives of the international travel media we brought to Chile for the Summit were busy taking notes and photos during their Pre-Summit Adventures and throughout their encounters in Chile. Upon their return home (or on the plane ride to their next adventure) they wrote articles, filed stories and waited for editors to give the green light. We’d like to share a few of the early stories coming out of the Summit experience in Chile.

We’re also enjoying reading our dedicated bloggers’ posts with their reflections on Chile. Especially Elena Soninno’s Live, Do, Grow blog and “Traveling Jackie” Laulainen’s blog.

How are you remembering Chile or learning about what happened at ATWS 2015 if you weren’t there? Leave a comment below.

4 Comments to Chile: You Will Remember

  1. Karen Kohler

    Wonderful record of a fabulous summit. Would love to see my Day of Adventure – the Sendero Desolacion – on one of the video clips. Is that possible?
    Many thanks – for the videos and a wonderful summit in Chile
    Viva la revolucion de la aventura!

  2. Karen Kohler

    So very sad to read of the untimely death of a very special man, Doug Tompkins, and more so having just met him at the Summit. His love of the environment and the massive steps he took to conserve huge portions of it were and continue to be a gift not just to Chile, but to the world. Thank you, Douglas, and may you rest in peace.

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