Chiapas is the Next Host to the 2014 Adventure Travel Fair

14 July 2014

20 percent of all Mexico’s biodiversity is in Chiapas, also being the second one on the national rank; it has ten watersheds with some of the largest rivers across the country: the Grijalva and Usumacinta; it also has 266 kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches and karst landscape which gives them two of the most impressive canyons of Mexico: Rio La Venta Canyon and Sumidero Canyon.

In addition, Chiapas has 7 of the 9 most representative ecosystems in the country and 46 protected areas among which are: Montes Azules Biosphere, El Triunfo, La Encrujillada, La Sepultura, El Ocote, Lagunas de Montebello and Sumidero Canyon.

Chiapas promotes an environmental policy for the development of ecotourism projects, where the success depends on the responsible, committed and democratic commitment of citizens to support the social and environmental development of the communities.

One of the examples that stand out is Madresal's ecotourism development. It is located in Chiapas’ coast, where a group of fishermen supported by the State Government under a scheme of community cooperation is constantly growing.

Chiapas, during this summit will show the world the natural resources it offers for adventure tourism, consolidating the state as a destination for sustainable nature, a priority subject for the state government and its policies and strategies employed in tourism promotion and dissemination, considering that tourism is one of the levers of economic development, generating more and better jobs and foreign exchange earnings, indispensable conditions to optimize the quality of life of families in Chiapas.

It is expected to have the presence of 400 tour operators, domestic buyers and media to market and position the benefits of offering adventure travel in Mexico. ATMEX has a structure of one-to-one business appointments, seminars on adventure tourism trends and practices by field experts.