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Cheli & Peacock Safaris

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Bespoke tour operator, Cheli & Peacock, focuses on eco-tourism and the “parks beyond parks” experience in Kenya and Tanzania. Their up-market itineraries utilize conservancies and private game reserves in off-the-beaten-path destinations (70% of Kenya’s wildlife is outside National Parks). The surrounding communities must benefit and the properties must protect the area with minimal ecological impact.


Husband and wife duo, Stefano Cheli and Liz Peacock, safari guides who grew up in Kenya, created Cheli & Peacock with a shared dedication to sustainability. They’ve been operating “eco-tourism” long before it became a buzzword.

In lesser-visited areas of significant biodiversity, Cheli & Peacock focuses on restoring wildlife depleted areas, educating the next generation of conservation leaders and working with rural communities. The Cheli & Peacock Community Trust is a big proponent of this. A huge example is the Mara North Conservancy in the Maasai Mara. Elephant Pepper Camp, one of eight Gold eco-rated properties in Kenya and owned by Stefano and Liz, was the driving force in creating the conservancy, which maintains 70,000 acres and guarantees 750 Maasai landowners stable revenue, transparent financial management and the preservation of the balance between wildlife and traditional pastoralism.


All trips and properties sold by Cheli & Peacock have been inspected by at least one of its senior staff members. A taste of a Cheli & Peacock trip is a quad-bike itinerary through Kenya’s Northern Frontier. After a short safety briefing and driving lesson, Stefano Cheli led the first excursion through the Kipsing Lugga, followed by a camel excursion to the isolated Kitich Camp, the only property within Sky Island Mathews Mountain Range.

Ask about Cheli & Peacock’s award-winning collection of eight boutique safari camps and lodges: The C&P Portfolio.

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