Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Company Announces that Champion Athlete Jen Hudak Will Lead Women-Only Park City Tour

3 May 2016

Jen2One of many things that sets trailblazing mountain bike company Chasing Epic apart from the crowd are trip leaders chosen from the best racers, riders and overall outdoor athletes in the United States to show mountain bike guests the best trails in the West.

Chasing Epic is proud to welcome Jen Hudak, a former two-time World Champion and five-time X-Games medalist skier as a new trip leader for a Sept. 16-19, 2016, Women Only 4-day trip in Park City, UT.

Now retired from skiing, Jen has transitioned into competitive mountain biking, already placing on the podium in such prestigious events like the Downieville Classic, Scott Enduro Cup, and the Sundance Utah Downhill Series. She is also racing competitively on the 2016 North American Enduro Tour.

When not sharing her passion for the mountains with others through coaching, organizing group rides and writing on her blog,, she works in marketing in Park City and mentors young girls' mountain biking through the Little Bellas program. She has also coached multiple women-only camps over the last several years.

Chasing Epic, the company that is changing how vacationing mountain bikers experience the best trails in the Western US, thinks it’s high time for women to have their own dedicated weekend mountain bike adventures.

Chasing Epic invites intermediate and experienced female riders to share the fun on three remaining dedicated, all-inclusive, all-women weekends. In addition to the September program in Utah which Jen will be leading, the others include an outing in Fruita Oct. 21-23 and Crested Butte, CO on Aug. 12-15. Female participants just need to be reasonably experienced and pack a helmet, shoes and appetite for epic single track adventure. See:

“Chasing Epic is excited to offer multiple Women-Only trips throughout the year that are led by women, for women. We work with an elite roster of accomplished, fun-loving and inspiring female guides to bring you a long weekend of instruction and classic mountain biking,” said Steve Mokan, the company’s founder and owner. He is a long-time Colorado mountain biker and a veteran of the adventure sports world. “We’ll be riding some of the most incredible trails, both known and off the radar in these two iconic destinations.”

He suggests that three-and four-day mountain bike outings over long weekends that mix up riding, hiking and team building surrounded by beautiful scenery are the new way to ride and vacation at the same time.

Strategically, Chasing Epic’s trips don’t force out the inner cave girl around a tented campsite. Instead comfortable lodging accommodations are selected to represent the character of the location being explored and also for the comfort, privacy and intimacy they provide.