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Celebrating the Women of ATTA

28 February 2023
International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. The theme for 2023 is Embrace Equity. In honor of International Women's Day, we are celebrating some of the achievements of ATTA team members. 
Alice Gifford, Events Content Manager & Team Experience Guide

"An accomplishment I’m proud of is being able to say that after being the 10th person brought onboard to the ATTA team, I’ve now dedicated 14 years to our inspiring community. I’ve seen us grow and shift over time to becoming one of the most well respected organizations in adventure travel. I’ve grown and evolved myself, as well: worked in membership, events, and team culture, become a mother, supported women in leadership initiatives, and learned new things from everyone I have met along the way. My passions are ignited here at the ATTA, and my energy is reinvigorated with each challenge faced. At the end of the day, I feel supported by a dedicated team who greets the world with the same enthusiasm."

Christina Beckmann, Co-Founder, Tomorrow's Air

"Last year's accomplishment I'm most proud of = 1) growing carbon removal collective Tomorrow's Air to more than 20,000 and through this group ordering ~53 tons of carbon dioxide for removal and permanent storage; and successfully completing a two-day Climate Ride in Northern California with a group that raised $90k for more than 100 organizations that are leading the nation in climate change, clean energy, active transportation, sustainability, and public health, and to raise public awareness around these issues."

Gabriella Stowell, Vice President, Regional Development

"I feel like last year was a big year all the way. The resilience of the travel industry, the ATTA team and our community impressed me a lot. I am proud of building an incredible Latin America team and for everything we executed together last year. For me, the highlights were the events in AdventureNEXT Latin America in Panama, AdventureNEXT Patagonia in Magallanes-Chile and the AdventureWeek in Ecuador. They were all very successful in many ways, but for me, the highlight was feeling the Una Fuerza movement strong while supporting community-based and sustainable tourism growth in the region."

Ciara Turner-Ewert, Email Marketing Manager

"When I look back on 2022, one of the biggest accomplishments that I’m most proud of is following my dream to help diversify the adventure and wellness travel industry. Growing up, I didn’t see much representation of Black explorers, so this inspired me to start my own adventure travel blog, Wellness Travel Diaries. With a mission to uplift other underrepresented voices to step into the freedom and healing travel provides, my stories took on a mind of their own, as my work was featured in Essence, USA Today, Fodor's, Health Digest, and many other publications including print magazines. Teaming up with a dedicated and enthusiastic community like ATTA who strives to positively impact the adventure travel industry and open doors for others, feels like a dream come true. I get chills knowing that I'm a part of such an inspiring and supportive team!"

Eva Mossberg, Partner Manager of North America and Global Gear Brands

"Looking back at the past year, one accomplishment I'm proud of is teaching two masters' level courses in Adventure Tourism at Colorado State University, alongside my full-time work with the ATTA. As a graduate of the program myself, and a professional in the field for many years I find it very inspiring and encouraging to see these students applying themselves to a future in adventure travel. It brings me hope. I am proud of having the opportunity and ability to guide them, but I also recognize that learning from the next generation of adventure travel professionals is a privilege."

Kim Hogle, Production and Operations Manager

"My greatest accomplishment in 2022 was giving my soul a voice to express its deepest desire for rest, connection, creativity, and restoration. Instilling hard boundaries between grey areas of balancing work and home, mom and self, wife and friends, spiritual and exercise. Learning to be okay in the hard and messy and allowing God's grace to be sufficient enough for all that I need."

Katt Hendershot, Operations Specialist

"The accomplishment that I’m most proud of is finding what I’m passionate about and getting hired by ATTA. I started as an intern in May 2022 and after a lot of hardworking (and pestering) I was hired in November 2022. I am graduating college in the fall of 2023 and I am really proud of the fact that I secured a dream job before then. I still can’t believe it and I’m grateful for everyone I work with and the opportunity I was given."

Heather Kelly, Director Research and Sustainability

"One of my biggest life accomplishments happened in 2022 - I published my first book, a textbook on Wellness in Hospitality and Tourism that I spent 3 years working on with a co-author, who is one of many brilliant and inspiring women I'm surrounded by. I've been a lifelong learner and reader and it was so exciting to publish something of my own. Wellness is a huge component of life post-COVID, and we are seeing it trending in adventure travel, so it also aligns with my work at ATTA and supports my passion for a more sustainable and equal world."

Gergana Nikolova, Regional Director, Europe & Central Asia

"I’m proud that me and my husband did a multi-day multi-adventure trip last year - reminded us of pre-kids time and inspired us to be active and train the kids to be joining us in the future. The photo is from the hike crossing from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro. Being active and in nature helps me get even more inspired for my work. In my professional world - the biggest achievement is the restart of the Adventure Travel World Summit and for first time returning to a past host destination - Switzerland. About half of the attendees were from the territory that I oversee (Europe and Central Asia) and I look forward to continue collaborating with them by offering relevant and attractive solutions to them"

Tami Fairweather, Event Media + Relations Manager & Culture of Belonging Lead

"I'm so happy to have ATTA events back this past year and proud of my part in bringing travel journalists, content creators, and other industry professionals into ATTA's global community by continually expanding our circles, especially with people and communities that have traditionally been underrepresented in our industry, which can vary in different parts of the world. I love seeing the diversity of people in conversation at our events, finding ways to collaborate and help more travelers access and experience adventure and to travel more consciously and sustainably. Just like travel itself, we get fresh perspectives about ourselves, each other, and our place and part in caring for this beautiful planet we call home. I can't even count how many times I see a story or campaign months and even years later and feel so proud to have had a part in sowing the seeds that made it possible."