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CapeRace Eco-Culture Experiences

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CapeRace is a boutique travel company specializing in upbeat, authentic self-guided travel experiences at Canada’s most eastern island of Newfoundland. We are the only travel company that transparently initiates real connections with the local community in a self-guided, self catered travel format. With spontaneity as your compass and your energy as your limit, we send you on a hunt for colourful people and exotic places in an environment unmatched anywhere in the world.

A CapeRace Adventure is not about churches and stained glass windows or lifeless museums with do-not-touch rules. It’s not about everyone hanging onto the rope. You won’t see a tour leader at the front of the line with a flag. It’s about people and places. It’s about yakking with a local over a few beers while staring out at a magnificent seascape, or listening to a fiddler in an ageless, timeless pub. It’s about unraveling stories and belly laughs. It’s about fresh air and expansiveness, great hikes and walks, whales, birds and icebergs. It’s about returning to simpler times. We give you the keys that fit the locks of three newly restored coastal homes, a vehicle, and a bookstore quality, custom designed guidebook written and demand-printed specifically for your trip. We call it “Guidance without the Guide”. We’ve taken out the hard stuff. You get the best places to stay, a great vehicle, and a personal guidebook book that details all the best things to see and do. The rest is up to you. You call all the shots. Suitable for all ages and all family configurations as the homes and vehicle are exclusively yours. Come experience the unexpected.

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