CapeRace™ Cultural Adventures Finalist in Ashoka-National Geographic Competition

28 January 2011

CapeRace™ Cultural Adventures selected as finalist of 250 entries for the National Geographic/Ashoka Changemaker’s Geotourism Challenge

St. John’s Newfoundland — CapeRace™ Cultural Adventures is pleased to announce that National Geographic & Ashoka Changemakers have selected CapeRace Cultural Adventures as a finalist for the “Places on the Edge: Saving Coastal & Freshwater Destinations”, a collaborative  competition launched in December 2010. Twelve finalists have been selected out of 250 entries from 54 countries.  Three winner’s of the competition will be determined this week by way of public vote.

Changemakers and National Geographic developed the competition to raise visibility of travel initiatives protecting coastal, waterway and island destinations, who are at the same time preserving the environment and strengthening the heritage and livelihoods of local residents.

“These are promising, innovative business models that will reshape the future of destination travel,” said Diana Wells, president of Ashoka. “They provide opportunities for development along costs and waterways that respects the environment and the culture and lifestyles of the local residents.”

CapeRace is the only Canadian entry this year.  The goal of CapeRace Cultural Adventures is the long-term protection of Newfoundland’s living cultures, heritage places, and coastal environment through sustainable adventure tourism in the form of slow, personal and authentic exploration of coastal areas. To that end CapeRace’s  “Eco-Culture Experiencetm” products are aligned with the emerging global Geotourism concepts created by National Geographic. Newfoundland’s ubiquitous intangible cultural heritage found today is the reason visitors to the island have such a profound heart-felt travel experience. This experience combined with Newfoundland’s pristine wilderness and unspoiled nature and wildlife creates an in-demand but vulnerable tourist destination, which requires effective stewardship to remain a sustainable economic asset.

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