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Call for Comments: Adventure Travel Guide Qualification and Performance Standard

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Ireland-ATWS Sessions-5880The ATTA is pleased to share the industry’s first written standard for adventure travel guide qualifications and performance. This standard has been developed in a series of meetings since January 2015 by a working group made up of twenty-two adventure travel business owners, guides, and academics from sixteen different countries. Participation in the working group, formed in November 2014, was voluntary and open to any interested party.

The standard incorporates relevant elements from the recently adopted ISO standard for adventure travel safety: ISO 21101 and TR 21102.

This standard is offered to the global adventure travel industry as a voluntary guideline. It is not enforced or regulated in any way by the ATTA or any other organization. Governments, destination managers, and company owners may refer to this standard when evaluating the quality and performance of their own guides and in determining appropriate training programs. Both new and experienced guides may refer to the standard as a benchmark for evaluating their own performance.

The draft standard contains five sections. Each section has been provided as a blog post on the AdventureEDU blog. Interested parties are encouraged to post their comments in the comment section associated with each blog:

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Apply and Use this Standard
  3. Definitions
  4. Adventure Travel Guiding Core Competencies
  5. References

Comments will be accepted through June 19, 2015, and the final standard is slated for publishing on July 10.

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