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Build Back Better for Animals and Nature

Evidence indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic is a result of humanity’s unsustainable use of the world’s limited resources, and it is perhaps nature’s way of fighting back.  Also, the pandemic has revealed the fragility of the travel industry. But importantly, an opportunity for us all to “Build Back Better”. The UN has urged us all to Act #ForNature, to reverse nature and biodiversity-loss as part of a new global agenda to build a fairer, more sustainable, and resilient future. ANIMONDIAL takes a closer look at how we can bring compassion to animals in tourism and support the communities and ecosystems that rely upon them. Key takeaways from the video:
  • Learn about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on animals, and the communities that live alongside them.
  • Understand how we, as travel businesses, can work together to ‘Build Back Better for Animals’ and their dependents.
Now is the time to consider our past actions and ensure a more resilient future, to protect nature, biodiversity, and local livelihoods. For more information and help in support of your animal and nature protection commitment, visit and sign up for their free e-news.


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