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Bridging Peak Seasons with Fresh Adventure Product

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More than 30 adventure travel companies from Alberta, Canada gathered February 17 – 18 at the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis to join an AdventureEDU event focused on building new products for shoulder seasons and improving safety and risk management practices.

Educators Jean-Claude Razel and Dan Austin presenting.

Educators Jean-Claude Razel and Dan Austin presenting.

The event, supported by Travel Alberta, featured courses in Product Development and Safety and Risk Management for adventure travel businesses, led by educators Jean-Claude Razel (Alaya Expedições) and Dan Austin (Austin Adventures). Participants included operators with decades of experience in the Rocky Mountain region, new companies just developing their adventure travel products, and tourism board members and government officials from Alberta.

“We had new industry partners either in the planning stages or early stages of building that were able to take away a lot of information and real examples that will assist them to get their product ready. We anticipate some of these Alberta partners to be ready for business in their next upcoming season.” – Bart Donnelly, Business Development Director, Canada, USA & Europe, Travel Alberta 

Alberta has an ideal base from which to expand its adventure travel season, as well as its geographic focal points. Encouraging travel in all seasons of the year will bring guests beyond the Canadian Rockies, which have always been a main attraction for travelers, to further reaches of the province. The product development portion of the event focused bringing companies together to come up with ideas and strategies for bridging the popular winter and summer seasons.

Small group discussions facilitated by the AdventureEDU educators.

Small group discussions facilitated by the AdventureEDU educators.

Participants worked in small groups to design, present, and discuss multi-day regionally diverse trips that would take place within Alberta. The group also drew on the expertise of the educators and their peers to discuss risk management best practices. Participants had numerous opportunities throughout the 2-day event to network and collaborate, as well as experience local adventures, including a stargazing snowshoe adventure hosted by Kananaskis Outfitters.

“I recently had the opportunity to attend Alberta’s first AdventureEDU event and it was such a great way to spend two days. The first day was a beneficial way to look at experiences we already offer, and how we might tweak them to make them even more memorable for our guests. But the second day was particularly helpful in reviewing the safety aspects for our adventures, so each of our guests can be comfortable at whatever they perceive their level of risk to be. Of course, the networking opportunities were abundantly encouraging! Anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of the ATTA’s events like this, should. Beautiful location, delicious food, highly informative, experienced speakers, and above all – FUN! Thanks ATTA, and Travel Alberta for the opportunity!” – Shirley Zelman, Co-Owner, Grand Rapids Wilderness Adventures

AdventureEDU now offers three courses through the online education platform, Udemy.

For more information on AdventureEDU, including pricing and customization for your destination, please click here.

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