Brazil Planners: Aniyami’s New Brand Specializing in Experiential Incentives

1 October 2018

Aniyami has had an experience of more than 5 years developing and operating experiential incentives in Brazil. As such, it became a Preferred Supplier of American Express some years ago and is affiliated to SITE and the Rio Convention & Visitor Bureau.

“Along this years, we have realized that incentive planners were looking in Aniyami for a different incentive experience. As we had a more experiential approach to travel and we had experience with incentives, they could find an excellent match to some of their clients' needs,” said Adrià Lacorte, CEO.

With this in mind, Aniyami created a focused brand which is dedicated entirely to group travel: Brazil Planners.

This new venture is exclusively run by a team of specialists who know and understand incentive travel; they can organize a perfectly planned trip, depending on exactly what it is that groups need. What’s more, offices in the Northeast Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, and Foz do Iguaçu allow them to have far-reaching knowledge of and access to all of the best local suppliers, hotels, and tours.

There are a great deal of articles (for example: Top 5 Incentive Travel Trends 2016) stating the growth trend that relates to Experiential Incentives. Essentially, they relate to 3 elements:

1) Interaction with the local community and environment - Companies are looking for their clients or employees to experience a lifetime experience so that they remember their brand. There is nothing in adventure travel that generates more of an unforgettable memory than interacting with locals. Travelers always remember that ... if it is authentic of course.

2) Activity - Companies know that adventure travel is a trend and that many of their employees and clients follow that trend personally. Adventure travel is healthy and it generates positive energy. Also, activity in adventure travel is a perfect excuse to generate team building and long-term relationships.

3) Sustainable approach - Companies are aware of this unstoppable trend of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. So, they obviously want to be related to it, either because it is genuine or because the market is demanding it. Adventure travel is absolutely related to environmental conservation and sustainable community development ... it is in its veins.

Aniyami incentive experiences are aligned to these principles and have since the beginning been promoting them with very conventional brands such as Fujitsu, Volvo, Nestle, etc.

“After some years the volume has increased and we have felt the need to develop a specific brand for (Experiential) Incentive Travel. We have not created a new product because we have always done experiential travel. We have just adapted it to Incentive Travel, with specific activities, communication and services. In this regard, we have a new team and also a new brand. Clients are different (although more and more adventure travel operators are receiving incentive travel requests), but marketplaces and communication is different, so we decided to make this move. Now Brazil Planners represents our essence of Experiential Incentive Travel and is fully dedicated to this market,” Lacorte said.

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