Botswana Tourism Launches Specialist Training for North American Travel Professionals

23 June 2014

Annapolis, MD – Promoting Botswana travel with confidence just got easier. The Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO) U.S. Office is pleased to announce the launch of its Botswana Specialist Training Program, an e-learning program created specifically for travel professionals located in North America. Travel professionals can access the program at

The comprehensive, six-module e-learning program is designed to enhance travel professionals’ knowledge about Botswana's prime and emerging tourism regions, its history and culture, as well as providing essential travel planning information.

In addition to education about the destination, the site provides other helpful resources for travel professionals, allowing them to sign up for the BTO North American trade newsletter, order destination marketing collateral, and view or download tips about promoting Botswana to clients. Keeping travel professionals’ busy schedules in mind, the program can be completed over time without having to repeat modules that have already been successfully completed. Travel professionals who successfully complete the program will receive a Botswana Specialist Training Program certificate.