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Black Mountain Montenegro Ltd

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Introducing adventurous travelers to one of Europe’s most beautiful, wild and undeveloped tourist destinations. Black Mountain Montenegro Ltd makes the most of Montenegro’s wild beauty and vibrant culture to craft unique small group tours, incentives packages and events. We also work for independent travelers, helping them to discover the real Montenegro.

For active travelers we can provide for every outdoor pursuit Montenegro has to offer, from SCUBA diving to paragliding, fly-fishing to sea kayaking, mountaineering, mountain biking and hiking. We adhere to the highest safety standards and have an expert, friendly and professional team of local guides, tourism managers and travel specialists. Community based, environmentally friendly and low impact tourism is at the heart of all we do. We work in partnership with dedicated local companies and outdoor clubs in the mountains of Montenegro to find friendly guides with in-depth local knowledge. We use local accommodation providers wherever possible and work with them to develop an understanding of the impact of their business on the environment and how they can maximize their tourism revenue, while minimizing any detrimental impacts.

Our goals and ethics are reflected by Black Mountain’s commitment to setting up a Montenegrin ‘Leave No Trace’ network and the annual Adventure Race Montenegro Expedition Challenge (ARMeX) which we organize to promote the conservation of the Dinaric Pindus Brown Bear, Wolf and Lynx.

By demonstrating the value of Montenegro’s unique cultural and natural heritage to true travelers we can help preserve one of the Mediterranean’s most valuable gems, before the developers and mass tourism change life here for ever.

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