Black Ibex Expeditions

5 January 2016

dog-sleddingFounded in 2004, Black Ibex Expeditions is an adventure travel company based in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia and offers authentic Mongolian experience to allow the maximum enjoyment of this fantastic country.

As local tour operator, we offer all the specialized services required to run a high class operation, providing you with adventurous, special interest tours and fun trips that make you yearn to come back. Customer satisfaction & honest, trustful partnerships are our ultimate goal.

Joining ATTA helps us to promote the ancient historical country of the world’s last nomads and to fulfill our mission for “Become Premier Provider of Adventure Travel and Special Interest Tours in Mongolia” by providing a great opportunity to network with world’s well-known adventure travel companies.

Our Story

This is the story of what inspired the idea behind Black Ibex Expeditions and why it came into being.

logo black ibex black JPEGI was born and brought up in the Khovd province of western Mongolia. Close to my home there was a hunting camp where my uncle used to work as a local tour guide. Foreigners would visit this camp often to hunt ibexes. I had my first opportunity to meet them in person when I accompanied my brother to one of the hunting trips during my summer holidays, when I was 14, and held the horse for one of the hunters. We trekked the mountain the entire day, and just before sunset, the foreigner hunted an ibex. After the hunting expedition was over, I returned home with mixed feelings in my heart. I felt both regret and hope in it. The regret was caused by the thought of why these foreigners came to my beautiful mountains just to hunt ibexes, when there was so much more to see there. My hope was my dream of being the man who will show everyone the true beauty that lies in this region: the mountains, canyons and the wild goats.

This dream was the beginning to my journey to setup Black Ibex Expeditions. After high school I moved to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, to study at the university to become a tourism manager. Soon I founded my own company in 2004 and named it after the sacred Ibex Mountains, from my ancestral place, and the animal (Ibex) that is a symbol of the great Altai Mountains. The company hopes to provide travelers with unique travel experience and the authentic Mongolian feeling during their stay in this fantastic country. We provide specialized tour services that support high-class operations and bring to you interesting tours and fun trips that will make you want to return and experience them once again.

Black Ibex Expeditions is a member of the JATA, PATA, ATTA as well as the board of the Mongolian Tourism Association. Trust Black Ibex Expeditions to bring to you the trip of a lifetime. Our knowledge, experience and passion are the reasons why we are one of the leading names in Mongolian Tourism. Customer satisfaction and honesty, truthful partnerships are our ultimate goals.