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BirdsChile Launches Rewild Chile, Specializing in Rewilding and Giving Back Experiences

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After 5 years of work and the Covid pandemic that postponed the announcement in 2020, BirdsChile is ready to launch a new brand that will be specialized in rewilding and giving back experiences for adventure travelers that are looking to have a targeted impact in the destinations that they are visiting: Rewild Chile.

Hike Los Leones Glacier Aysén

Raffaele Di Biase, co-founder of the company that is one of the leaders of sustainability practices in Chile, shared the presentation of the new area of experiences last week with clients from the US and UK. “This is the result of a work that started in 2016, as we approach rewilding not only from an ecological perspective but also as a target of impact for the travel industry. We started to discuss potential collaboration with 6 nonprofit local organizations in order to guarantee a professional and direct targeting of the impact that we were looking for and also to provide travelers a first-hand experience in the field with local volunteers and researchers.”

Raffaele continues, “As a certified B Corporation since 2017, this was the next level in our constant effort to guarantee a traceable and measurable positive impact of our travelers and operations. We have been collaborating with some of these NGOs since 2016 so the work to articulate the needs of an impactful travel experience where travelers can be involved in the fieldwork with them was easy and very well received. We will pollinate all our experiences with rewilding and giving back, but we will also offer to clients the possibility to have fully dedicated itineraries based on rewilding experiences in different regions of Chile.”

Andean Cat © Alianza Gato Andino NGO

The initiative may include activities such as installing camera traps for surveys of the endangered Andean Cat in the Atacama Desert, to the rewilding projects of aquatic flora and environmental education in the southern rivers and wetlands and in the Route of the Parks of Patagonia, where BirdsChile is an official partner and Raffaele Di Biase is the CEO of the public-private board in the Lakes District region.

The impact in terms of visibility of these fantastic local projects and communities, plus the economic impact through the donations and fees that BirdsChile will transfer to the territories and communities through the Rewild Chile brand and the NGOs alliance will put us into the next frontier of travel impacts. We explore the world to rewild it! In the near future, all BirdsChile experiences will be operating under the Rewild Chile brand, leaving BirdsChile as a fully dedicated area of the company for birding expeditions.

Working day local communities Chiloé

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