BikeHike Adds Stand-Up Paddle Boarding to Satisfy Growing Demand

14 December 2011

Vancouver, B.C. - In response to the wild growth in popularity of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), BikeHike Adventures announces the launch of a new Brazilian itinerary to incorporate this flourishing adventure activity. The tour, Brazil - High Energy Extravaganza, is a 9-day multi-sport adventure on the Green Coast, south of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to hiking, sea kayaking, canyoneering, and rappelling, travellers will try their hand at stand-up paddle boarding on the flat waters of Paraty.

The emerging sport of stand-up paddle boarding isn't entirely new to Brazilian culture. Native Brazilians have been paddling down the Amazon River for centuries in stand-up vessels. Typically, locals navigate from the back of a traditional dug out canoe and paddle from a standing position.

Stand-up paddle boarding is officially credited with Hawaiian origins. In the early 1960's, the Beach Boys of Waikiki popularized SUP while looking for a superior vantage point to take pictures while surfing. The sport lay idle until the early 2000's with the emergence of large scale SUP events like the Molokai-2-Oahu World Championships of Paddleboarding, the Battle of Paddle in California, and the Annual Sandbridge in Vancouver. The growth of SUP can also be seen in the drastic increase in search queries since 2004, according to  Google Trends.

SUP benefits athletes with a strong 'core' workout in a natural setting. Unlike other water sports such as surfing and windsurfing, SUP is very easy to learn, which has assisted in its sudden rise to popularity. Women especially have taken to the sport. With their lower center of gravity, they are naturally inclined to excel at SUP.

To take advantage of Brazil's beautiful rainforest and stunning coastlines, BikeHike has compiled a wide assortment of outdoor activities into this adventurous itinerary. The addition of stand-up paddle boarding to BikeHike's mix for the first time ever is set to commence on the April 7th 2012 departure of High Energy Extravaganza. The trip cost starts at $2,799 USD (land only). Additional departures run from May through October.