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Better Places / Fairaway

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PeruBetter Places and Fairaway connect travelers with travel professionals in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. The travel experts are Europeans who have been living in the destination for various years or locals. Each trip is 100% tailor made and therefore unique. At Better Places and Fairaway travelling is not about ticking off a long list of attractions. With Better Places and Fairaway you travel to special places off the beaten path and you stay in small scale accommodations. There is a strong focus on personal contact with the locals. We believe that travelling makes the world even more beautiful – based on the fact that people and environment are treated with respect.

Sustainability: Better Places/Fairaway measures and offsets all CO2 emissions of the trips – not only the emissions of the land-only trips we sell, but also the flight which is needed to reach the destination. Furthermore we avoid domestic flights and recommend to our travelers to go by train or bus. We offer small scale accommodations, which are family-owned or are certified eco-lodges.

Social Entrepreneurship: Better Places/Fairaway is a social enterprise. By organizing trips we want to make the world a better place. Based on that we donate every year 10 % of our net profit to social projects, which want to improve the world. This can be initiatives in Europe (for example a restaurant where Syrian refugees get a place to work) or an educational centre in a refugee camp in Jordan.

betterplaces-logoMission Statement: Better places to live in, and better places to travel. In this way travelers will have an authentic experience and the local people benefit from the income of the visit.

Primary Markets:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Latin America

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