Behold the Next Generation Travel Agent

13 April 2011

Are you ready for the travel agent of tomorrow? According to Steve Crowhurst at SMP Training in this recent article on Tnooz, the "NG" travel agent is probably unlike those you've worked with in the past.

These agents will:

  • Require you to be trained in virtual staff management as they will maintain a mobile office reliant on cloud computing
  • Be early twentysomethings who won't settle for less than a high, 5-figure income
  • Be content creators on-the-go, connecting via camera and video to clients, giving presenttaions via Skype on their phones, supplying blogs, newsletters, newsfeeds, and  developing their own mobile apps
  • Effectively build their networks through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Be able to book anything from anywhere
  • Will be human rights and sustainability oriented
  • Be in-the-know trend reporters bringing their clients the very latest
Read Crowhurst's entire article on Tnooz, Behold the Next Generation Travel Agent, for a detailed look at tomorrow's travel agent.