Bannikin Travel & Tourism

19 June 2012

BAN-NI-KIN (noun)
1. Slang. Small tin cup.
2. Niche travel & tourism group enhancing the business of small operators,
emerging destinations and hotel properties.

Our clients excel at delivering top-notch, unique travel experiences but often have limited resources to grow their business. Bannikin identifies and implements solutions for product & trade development as well as marketing and public relations challenges for our clients. In short we provide to a smaller tourism operation what a large operator has in abundance: highly skilled support.

Bannikin is built on the love for travel, and the great respect of entrepreneurs & small businesses who provide the utmost travel experiences in the wildest parts of the planet. In a worn-out, dog-eared copy of the Newfoundland dictionary somewhere, you would discover that Bannikin means simply “small tin cup.” But to us it represents experiencing travel with a uniquely local perspective.

The Bannikin team understands what needs to come together to turn a travel company into the travel company, and a place into a destination.

Particular Interest in ATTA: Partnerships/alliances; networking, and keeping on top of the trends and excellent research produced by the ATTA!

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