Baja Whale Bonanza – 2011 Season in Loreto is Best in Decades!

11 March 2011

Loreto, BAJA CALIFORNIA  -- USA-based Sea Kayak Adventures, Inc. reports that February and March 2011 the volume of whales and close whale sightings are the best in Loreto in decades – both gray whale mom & babies in Magdalena Bay on the Pacific coast and blue and fin whales in Loreto Bay National Marine Park/UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Company co-founder Nancy Mertz exclaims “I just got back from a week of whale watching in Baja – we spent hours eyeball to eyeball with the gentle gray whale moms and babies in Magdalena Bay and along side 4 pairs of fin whales in the Sea of Cortez off Loreto, from motorized skiffs (the local fishermen’s boats). There was even a dolphin bow riding next to the whale. I’ve been guiding sea kayak tours in Loreto since 1988 and this is the most extraordinary year.”  Locals report the whales have been very numerous and close to shore – this is the first time they can see the spouts of the mighty blue whale from downtown Loreto.

The company offers several whale watching and sea kayaking tours, suitable for novices, in Loreto Bay National Marine Park October through April each year.  The New York Times recently named Loreto #8 on "Best Places to Visit 2011"

Beaming, Nancy Mertz added, “I grew up in Hawaii and have explored the Galapagos Islands, and I find Loreto Bay in the Sea of Cortez (also known as Gulf of California) absolutely on par with those exquisite locations.  Loreto Bay National Park is truly a world-class sea kayaking and wildlife destination.   A renowned whale researcher told me recently that one third of the world’s whale species call Gulf of California home and the ecosystem is still remarkably intact – truly a national treasure”.

Nancy went on to state:    “Loreto is unique and vital for ecotourism visitors because:
1) Loreto has the closest jet airport to the best whale hot spots in Baja California (gray whales of Magdalena Bay; blue & fin whales in Gulf of California).  Whale watching is very popular world-wide and people will spend significant time and money to get to the best whale-viewing destinations.  Just a short direct flight from Los Angeles to Loreto.
2) Loreto Bay National Marine Park islands have also been called "Mexico's Galapagos" enjoying strict federal protection for future generations.  Fantastic snorkeling available.
3) The park and our tours are suitable for novices age 11 and up – spring break is perfect.
4) Sea kayak companies in the park are limited in number and strictly regulated for the protection of the park -  this is beneficial to visitors and locals alike.  The park is a world-class sea kayaking destination (because of uninhabited islands, protected camping, intact and diverse ecosystems, many species of plants, animals, birds in the water and on land)
5) Loreto is special because of its unique history, being the first capital of Baja California and the historic mission built in 1697 is still in use today.
6) Loreto is a small quaint town where visitors feel safe and relaxed.  The locals have huge hearts and are immensely proud of their fishing heritage and town history.  We are honored to be running tours in Loreto, introducing visitors to the magic of Loreto Bay.

Loreto is truly a jewel in the crown of natural wonders that Mexico should be very proud of owning.  We hope Loreto will stay the most unique place that it is.  The visitor can go anywhere for hotels, beaches, golf courses and tequila bars.   Loreto has a sprinkling of those, but it is definitely the “Un-Cabo”.  It is the unique natural wonders and history that sets Loreto apart from all the rest of Mexican coastal destinations.

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