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Baja Outdoor Activities (BOA)

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Baja Outdoor Activities (BOA) was founded by husband and wife team, Ben and Alejandra Gillam, back in 1994! Even now they are dedicated to the day to day running of their business. Ben grew up inWales,UKand began kayaking back in the 70’s and subsequently became a British Sea-kayaking Coach. Alejandra is a native Mexican and has helped establish BOA to proudly become the leading kayak outfitters in Baja. Together with their two daughters they have settled intoLa Pazenjoying the full benefits of living in paradise!

From the moment you make your first contact with us until the farewell dinner at the trip end, we aim to provide you with an efficient, personal service, quality equipment and some of the best professional guiding in the business! We average 50 expeditions (4 -7 days each trip) toEspiritu SantoIslanda season. We attribute this success, in part, because we offer a flexible and affordable schedule of trips. However over the last 10 years we have received tremendous support from our guests. So many return for a second or third vacation with us or send their family and friends. Most say it is the best trip they have ever had!! Our most loyal ‘supporters’ have flown down to Baja to do their 10th tour with us! After every trip we seek your feed back by way of an evaluation form so that we may continue to ‘tweak’ the finest details. It is this attention to our guest’s remarks that has enabled us to develop one of Baja’s most popular outfitters. Many companies offer week trips that involve 5 or less days kayaking; our interpretation of a week vacation is 7 days activity.


BOA offer many itineraries, all of which fall into two main categories of service: Fully Catered Trips or Co- operatively Catered Expeditions.

  • ½ Day coastal tour
  • 1 Day coastal tour
  • Sea lion extravaganza
  • Espiritu Santo Adventure
  • Whale Shark tour
  • Grey Whale Watching Tour (2 day hotel based trip)
  • Sunset Tours: overnight kayaking expeditions
  • Quick Escapes! 4 days/3nights sea kayaking Isla Espiritu Santo
  • Isla Espiritu Santo – Circumnavigation by sea kayak (7 day trip)
  • “10 Day Epic” Loreto – La Paz Coastal Trip ( Co-operatively Catered)
  • Agua Verde – San Evaristo Coastal Trip (Fully Catered 7 day expedition)
  • Baja Coastal Kayaking (6 day expedition)
  • Baja Coastal Kayaking Part I (4 days / 3nights)
  • Baja Coastal Kayaking Part II (3 days / 2 nights)
  • Fly Fish Camping Safari (Fully Catered – 6 day kayaking trip)
  • Custom tours for Private groups.

BOA ~ Co-operatively Catering Expeditions or Fully Catered, Motor Skiff assisted Trips

After considering all the feedbacks from past and present clients, two very different styles of sea kayaking trips have evolved: Co-operatively Catering expeditions and Fully Catered, Motor Skiff supported trips. Although the itinerary is more-or-less the same they are very different expeditions and deserve careful consideration. One style is sure to suit you more than the other, so before making a reservation please take a look at the definitions below and decide which really suits you more. We shy away from permanent beach camps preferring to explore a new area each day. There is so much to see and it is therefore more interesting to have a trip that progresses each day – around each corner there is a unique and beautiful bay waiting to be explored.

Co-operatively Catering Expeditions:

At the beginning of the trip your guides will explain how to efficiently pack the sea-kayaks. It will then become a group task each day to load all the gear (camping equipment, kitchen, food and water) into the kayaks before paddling to the next camping beach. The group will all help set up camp, cook meals and clean dishes. We have a pre-set meal plan and the guides take overall responsibility for the meals but everyone will take turns helping with the food prep etc. We find this shared catering enhances the feeling of comradeship and brings the group together to discuss the day’s experiences and the next day’s plans.

On the 7 day trip we make a re-provision on Wednesday so effectively, the most you ever carry is 3 days worth of food and water. The midweek re-provision also enables us to take away your accumulated trash and take you out by motor boat to the sea lion colony to swim with the sea lion pups!

The rewards of this style of expedition lies in the feeling of self-sufficiency, a bonding team spirit and a real sense of adventure.

Fully Catered, Motor Skiff Assisted Trips: The itinerary remains very much the same; you still paddle from camp beach to camp beach exploring the island as you go. However a panga (motor boat) carries all the camping gear and provisions leaving you to paddle light, empty kayaks. This alleviates the repetitive task of squeezing all your gear into tiny compartments only to unpack again a few hours later. It is also physically easier to paddle a light kayak.

The panga driver and guides will take care of providing you with 3 healthy meals a day and they will do all the cleaning up. Also, having a motor boat along means that we are able to take ice chests full of cold beer and other refreshing beverages. We are also able to offer a more flexible program. For instance, less energetic folks may choose to hitch a ride in the panga to the next camping beach. We can also provide side trips to otherwise inaccessible snorkeling locations and/or go on a fishing trip to try and catch dinner. Please note that we still require your assistance to set /take down your own tent and help loading and unloading the boat every time we change camp.

Please note: Our trip prices include the meals and beverages on ‘both’ styles of trips.


We are focused on adventurous people of all ages; individuals, couples and families that truly enjoy nature and love paddling, snorkeling, camping, swimming, hiking, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.


We are located inLa Paz, B.C.S.,Mexico, with representatives in the U.S. Canada and theUK.


As one of Baja California Sur’s leading sea-kayaking companies we aim to provide an exemplarily paddling experience.   Baja is one of the world’s last wilderness frontiers with the opportunity for unique and unparalleled marine encounters.   Our aim is to ensure that our guests receive an exceptional tour whilst focusing on the following criteria:

  • Respect to the local culture, fauna and flora.
  • Observing and practicing the environmental regulations.
  • Providing a safe and awe-inspiring expedition.
  • Delivering tours that are educational and dynamic.
  • Supporting the local economy.
  • Practicing minimum impact techniques.
  • Aiming towards a sustainable business practice.

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