Austrian Tour Operator ASI Reisen Measures Local Value Creation and Carbon Footprint

17 August 2020

ASI Reisen was founded in 1963 by Prof. Hannes Gasser with sustainability at the core of the business and deeply embedded in product development and strategy. Nowadays ASI Reisen is one of the leading adventure travel brands in the German speaking market, offering 1000+ trips in more than 90 countries. Today, in its second generation run by Ambros Gasser, the company's founding vision is more important than ever.

ASI Reisen is specializing on authentic active and adventure travels with the mission to bring cultures together and to create value for communities, guests, partners, local economies, as well as the company itself. In the past year ASI Reisen was reinforcing its sustainability strategy, defining three pillars with underlying goals. The goal of ASI Reisen is to offer sustainable trips while:

  • minimizing the environmental footprint,
  • maximizing the local value creation &
  • promoting an active dialog and transparency.
In the past months ASI Reisen has set a focus on measuring and transparently displaying the environmental and social impact of all ASI travels. As a result, ASI Reisen has launched two important actions:

Carbon footprint and compensation
ASI Reisen is now displaying the carbon footprint for each ASI Original trip including the emissions for air travel, domestic travels as well as accommodations and activities. Based on this data ASI Reisen is compensating all emissions with the Kariba REDD+ Project from 1.11.2020 onwards. Moreover, the data is the basis for product development teams to further reduce the environmental impact of the product portfolio.

Local value creation
Furthermore, ASI Reisen has taken a step forward for a new level of transparency for a sustainable tourism industry. For each ASI Original trip cost for operations, taxes, flights, international services, as well as the company's own margin and the local value creation in the destination are displayed. This way guests are transparently informed about the amount of the price that is supporting local economy and communities. By working with regional and small or family held businesses ASI Reisen is setting a strong focus on supporting local communities in a sustainable way.

Measurable improvement
The ASI team is setting yearly goals to decrease the carbon footprint and increase the local value creation on its ASI Original trips. With this approach ASI Reisen ensures a high level of transparency and measurable sustainability goals that are embedded in the business strategy.

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