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ATTA’s Stowell Quoted in MarketingWeek Around Adventure Travel Stats and Trends

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The ATTA’s Shannon Stowell was quoted extensively from his recent talk at World Travel Mart as the basis for an article in Marketing Week, entitled Travel brands can exploit a ripe market for adventure and romance holidays. An excerpt is below:

Stowell said the whole travel industry is heading towards adopting an adventure approach because as travellers become more experienced, they are demanding new and unusual destinations and experiences. He backed this up with stats – in 2009/10 the mass tourism industry grew by an average of 4%, while adventure tourism grew 17%.

He said 60% of 18 to 41 year old adventure travellers don’t book with tour operators, preferring to go it alone, while 61% of 41 to 70 year olds do. This suggests several things – the obvious, that older adventure travellers would be more receptive to engaging with tour operator brands, but also that there is an opportunity to cater more for the agent-averse younger audience.

For more information, please read the entire article.

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