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ATTA’s Collaboration with Tourism Cases Offers New Opportunity for Members

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Member Benefit: ATTA Members can be Case Studies for Free Through Partnership with Tourism Cases

Are you pioneering new strategies for sustainable adventure tourism? Maybe you’ve supported projects that made a lasting positive change? Or perhaps you’ve even had a professional experience that was really tough but taught you vital skills you still use today?

Through the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)’s new partnership with Tourism Cases, ATTA members can now capture and publish their experiences and learnings as case studies, which will be shared with practitioners, students, and academics around the world, to ensure the latest developments in tourism can be used across the industry. 

Tourism Cases is a growing collection of case studies that offer practical, real-life examples of the tourism industry in action on one easily searchable platform. Tourism Cares is run by CABI, a nonprofit that creates and applies knowledge that addresses challenges faced by people around the world. 

Through this partnership, ATTA Business members can:

  • Write and publish case studies for free
    With the support of CABI’s editorial team, ATTA members can turn a story into a published case study for free that’s shared around the world. You’re welcome to submit a proposal for a case study on any subject, but Tourism Cases also runs a variety of Calls for Cases that will be promoted around ATTA in the coming months.
  • Share a story, and Tourism Cases will turn it into a case study for free
    If you are a person or an organization that has a story to tell or good case material but not the resources or skills to turn it into a finalized case study, CABI can arrange for your case to be written for free.
  • Connect with CABI’s industry contacts and collaborate on a case study (The Bridge)
    If you’re a practitioner, consultant, or educational institution looking to make contact with members of the tourism industry and publish your own case studies, through their program The Bridge, Tourism Cases can connect you with organizations that have stories to tell and support you through the research and writing process.
  • Read the latest developments in tourism, leisure, events, and hospitality
    Whether you’re exploring the latest trends in tourism development or seeking inspiration for sustainable events, Tourism Cases can support classroom learning, research, and practical application across academia and the tourism industry, from just £35 a year for individuals or custom prices for institutions.

All cases published via the ATTA/CABI partnership will be held on the ATTA members repository. Take advantage of opportunities for member-sponsored themed book publications.

Sample Case Studies

Managing Cruising and Tourism in the Arctic

In the Arctic Region, the potential for tourism to cause environmental damage is huge, and the frameworks and guidelines to prevent it are still being established. Read more

Blue Ridge Music Trails

The Blue Ridge Music Trails is a cultural initiative set in remote Western North Carolina aimed at strengthening the musical heritage assets of the region. Read more

Preserving the Ifugao Rice Terraces

This case describes the program to save the Ifugao Rice Terraces World Heritage Site in the Philippines, a combination of indigenous knowledge, community-based governance, innovative farming strategies, renewable energy management, and sustainable forms of tourism. Read more

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