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ATTA Members Webinar: Risk Management Primer

2 Minute Read

ATTA Guest Presenter

Rescheduled to Tuesday, May 7
10:00 AM PST / 17:00 UTC

Eventually, even the best tour operators will experience a significant accident or illness on a trip.

How an organization identifies, assesses, and mitigates the objective risks inherent with any trip can greatly influence outcomes, and ultimately one’s risk profile in the eyes of a liability insurance carrier or potential partner.

This ATTA Member Webinar covers a diverse range of risk management topics including:

  • The contents of a successful risk management plan
  • Realistically assessing security and health risks in an uncertain world
  • Effectively communicating those risks to your travelers
  • Emergency response protocols
  • The legal/insurance tools that will help your organization minimize its true exposure

This webinar is designed to be interactive and the goal is to provide participants with a “toolbox” of practical templates to build or refine your risk management plan.

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About the Presenter:

Jim Sano is one of the ATTA’s Advisory Board Members and is World Wildlife Fund’s Vice President for Travel, Tourism and Conservation. He serves as its senior advisor on sustainable tourism programs and develops new initiatives to engage its most committed supporters. Jim was formerly President of ATTA Member Geographic Expeditions, a San Francisco-based adventure travel company that offers educational travel, location management, and sustainable travel consulting services. During his tenure, the company received multiple awards and distinctions, including being named Best Adventure Travel Company in the World and one of the 50 Best Places to Work in America.

Prior to joining GeoEx, Jim served as a ranger and special assistant to the Superintendent at Yosemite National Park in California. His responsibilities included overseeing park naturalist/interpretive programs; coordinating several key elements of the park’s General Management Plan; and serving as a member of its search and rescue team. Jim has served on WWF’s National Council for 10 years and was a board member of the Trust for Public Land for 23 years. Additionally, he was the founding president of the Mono Lake Foundation; and founding director of the Natural Step and the Yosemite Restoration Trust. Jim is the recipient of five National Park Service Special Achievement awards. He also led the first American men and women’s expedition to Mt. Everest and co-led other ground-breaking expeditions around the world.

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