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AdventureTravelNews ATTA’s New Values Statement Helps ‘Nurture, Protect & Professionalize’ the Industry

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The Adventure Travel Trade Association’s new Values Statement was recently the topic of a complimentary article by Ana Figueroa on About.Com’s Tourism section. After declaring herself a “big advocate” of the ATTA, Ana preceded to explain the Values Statement that is now a prerequisite for the near 900-members of the ATTA:

The purpose behind the Value Statement is to encourage efforts toward nurturing, protecting and professionalizing sustainable development of the adventure travel industry.

Ana goes on to say:

More than 100 members have already voluntarily signed the Statement. In doing so, they agree to move toward shared values in specific areas. Those areas include tourism ethics, protection of children, global sustainability and other community-based principles.

Foremost among the guiding principles: to treat other travelers and the environment with respect. It’s a goal that ATTA continues to put into action. On the heels of the new Values Statement, they’ve also announced a new partnership with PAN Parks that will benefit and protect Europe’s last remaining wilderness areas.

Thank you, Ana!

To read more of this article, please read Ana’s full article here: News from ATTA.

To read the ATTA Values Statement, please select from one of the following languages: EnglishSpanishPortugueseChinese or Arabic

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